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  1. Upgrade from 5.2.2

    Another question: backups are mandatory (meaning that data loss is expected) or just as safefy ?
  2. Upgrade from 5.2.2

    Thank you. Is that "safe" or should I expect some issues ? Both reboot are required or can I safely skip the first (related to 5.4 upgrade) and reboot directly after the upgrade from 5.x to 6.x ?
  3. Upgrade from 5.2.2

    Hi to all. I have a 5.2 production server that i would like to upgrade to the latest version. Can I directly upgrade from the web interface ? Any additional steps? Should I upgrade to each version step-by-step or straight to the latest one ? I have to reduce downtime as much as possible. Just...
  4. Increase storage

    I don't need a performance boost, this server is SSD only and it's already fast, so no need to run send/receive, right ? Are you saying to add a new vdev to the existing pool ? Or should I create a brand new pool with it's RAIDZ-2 vdev ?
  5. Increase storage

    Hi to all Current env: PVE 5.2-2 with 4 SSDs in RAIDZ-2 I would like to increase the available space by adding 4 disks more. What do you suggest ? Creating a new standalone RAIDZ-2 pool or grow the existing one to a new RAIDZ2 ? Is this something I can do from the web interface ? If not, as...
  6. Free space

    So: - 1 don't say that "is NOT a bad pratcise" while it is. - 2 i'm asking if is safe to change it on an existing pool
  7. Free space

    Using the root pool is a bad practice and you can set that as no mount (-O canmount=off) Having it mounted to /rpool could lead to some bad practise In example if you want to send rpool somewhere, you can't do it safely because receiving a full filesystem stream destroys the one already in...
  8. Free space

    Thank you. As far as I know, using the "root pool" is a very bad practise and I see that proxmox is mounting that: # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 480G 353G 140K /rpool is it safe to unmount ? Why are you mounting that ?
  9. Free space

    I dont use lvm but zfs
  10. Free space

    I have the following: # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 63G 0 63G 0% /dev tmpfs 13G 1.1G 12G 9% /run rpool/ROOT/pve-1 357G 3.1G 354G 1% / tmpfs 63G 37M 63G 1% /dev/shm tmpfs 5.0M 0...
  11. Roadmap

    Is possible to have the upcoming roadmap updated?
  12. Installing from USB Drive issues

    It's a shame that PVE is still requiring a dedicated USB drive and can't be placed on the same USB driver with tons of other ISO images. it's a known 18 months bug. I've also seen a bugzilla about this.
  13. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    If your VMs are PV, yes, you have to install grub (if not already present) beacuse PV VMs doesn't have a bootloader (boot process is done directly with PyGrub from the Xen host) Usually, all debian VM still have a proper bootloaded loaded and I don't have to install anything (except virtio...
  14. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    Faster way is to use my convertion script.
  15. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    One question: should i use "intel-microcode" coming from Debian or proxmox provide it's own?
  16. HW raid-6 to ZFS Raid1

    AFAIK, any mirror (RAID1, RAID10, ....) is much faster than any parity RAID. So, a 3way mirror should be better than a RAID-Z2 (and also cheaper, as I need 1 disk less)
  17. HW raid-6 to ZFS Raid1

    Using 4x2TB disks in a RAID10 is not an issue, but I really hate any 2-way mirror (and a RAID10 has 2 2way mirrors inside). I had multiple full data-loss when using mirror, now all my server are on RAID-6 or at least 3way mirrors. That's why i've talked about 3way mirror
  18. HW raid-6 to ZFS Raid1

    My use case are web hosting VMs. There is almost 0 sequential write like in any web hosting VM. More or less, I have to migrate 4-5 VM, with about 400-500 sites each, that's why an L2ARC could be usefull, where ZFS will store most read files from the VM. (if ZFS is able to cache VM blocks when...
  19. HW raid-6 to ZFS Raid1

    I don't have fio installed on XenServer and I prefere to not install additional software on this junk environment. I have "sysstat", thus I can provide you "iostat"
  20. HW raid-6 to ZFS Raid1

    I'm asking because I don't have a new server to benchmark.


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