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  1. KVM guests freeze (hung tasks) during backup/restore/migrate

    Wolfgang in his last but one post (comment 7) said that new features have solved the issue and no one replied that it was not the case, so he closed the issue. Maybe if you add comments there about this it could help to reopen and solve the problem?
  2. How to crash the server playing with VM CPU configuration... is it normal?

    Hi, I've a vm (Kubuntu 19.04) that I use to test Freecad and that I turn on when needed. I've no need of "mitigations" about CPU flaws or whatever, I just need more performance I can. In the vm I've disabled all CPU flags (-md-clear;-pcid;-spec-ctrl;-ssbd;-ibpb;-virt-ssbd;-amd-ssbd;-amd-no-ssb)...
  3. Proxmox 6 / Debian 10 / 5.0.21-3-pve / Tracing kernel errors

    I had some issues too, and some strange behaviour (new VM corrupted or clones that could not boot or they crashed)... then I've found that the fan of the CPU was not working and so CPU overheated under a lot of situations, and inside the case the temperature was higher too (CPU fan, when...
  4. Big discovery on virtio performance

    Do you think that this is the problem and has been fixed with this commit?
  5. Integrate Virtulle HD into another VM?

    They are in /etc/pve/nodes/[NAMEOFTHENODE]/qemu-server/ like in my node (hostname) that is named "proxmox", vm 114 is in the file /etc/pve/nodes/proxmox/qemu-server/114.conf
  6. SPICE doesn't change resolution anymore

    With Kubuntu 18.04 I'm sure it worked fine (up to resolution 1920x1200 or something like that), but after upgrading Proxmox some time ago, it does not work anymore even in VM I don't upgrade at all. I don't mean "dynamic resolution", but simply changing resolution with the screen setup panel...
  7. Any issues with moving Proxmox installation on SSD from one physical machine to another?

    Are you sure that UEFI does not give a lot of troubles if UEFI install was used?
  8. Best storage setup based on iSCSI

    I'm interested also in a SAN as storage, but keep in mind that with iscsi you can't have snapshots, that is a very important feature to me, see I've seen VmWare similar setup but they have snapshots instead, sigh
  9. Proxmox 5.1 is installing Ceph 10.2.5

    Did you issued a apt update to update your local repository first?
  10. Proxmox 5.1 DRBD 9 problem

    I think that the decision was made when you, correctly, removed DRBD9 support after they changed the license of a vital component of it. After that they reverted their decision and went back to a FOSS license again, but you did not re-included DRBD9. Since is FOSS, they can't forbid you to...
  11. Proxmox 5.1 DRBD 9 problem

    It's simple, Proxmox already uses a lot of technologies other have create (i.e. ceph), but provides the necessary plugin, adjustments and corollary software support / compatibility check/fix that makes 'the whole package' work smoothly, especially when you update a server. Let's say you...
  12. Proxmox 5.1 DRBD 9 problem

    Sorry if I repeat myself, but really proxmox team should consider to support DRBD9 AGAIN. We that are very small can't afford Ceph (that officially requires at least 3 nodes, but not in production because is not "safe" this way), while with DRBD9 you can have 2 storage node and one very small PC...
  13. PVE cluster change ip address and corosync

    I can't tell you the solution but only that an easy way to find other part of the configuration where your old public IP could be saved is something like rgrep 41.213.15 /etc so you can find all the occurrence of the IP in all the files under /etc and it's subdirs but don't know if it can be...
  14. Is it possible to throttle backup and restore disk io?

    Yes, sorry, I'm wrong, I confused it with ionice
  15. Is it possible to throttle backup and restore disk io?

    note that -bwlimit works only for the "cfq" scheduler, now the default is "deadline" that works much better IMHO but makes the bwlimit option useless,
  16. Random BSOD Server 2008 after p2v

    Just a shot in the dark: have you disabled all the power-savings / hybernate / whatever INSIDE the vm? Set to "power hungry/high performance" profile and fine tune sub-settings that can cause anything to go in sleep mode.
  17. Blue screen with 5.1

    Don't know if I'm facing the same issue, but I've run in 5.1 "dormient" Win10 VM, with spice and virtio 141, created pre-5.1. If I start the vm, I've a sort of blue screen after the "window" icon splash and some time of the sort of hourglass-substitute, before the login. If I take a snapshot of...
  18. Determine system name from backup lzo

    Just to add that for .lzo compressed files the syntax is like this (the -c in lzo is fundamental to have output in stdout): lzop -d -c file.vma.lzo | vma config - I got it from, having the source code is GREAT, long life to FOSS :)
  19. Restore vdi on different storage

    I do need this feature too! In addition, if you have 2 vdi and only one is flagged for backup, you are not able to restore only that one, you have to restore the "entire" vm (after you have deleted it) loosing the disk that was not backed up. So think about a OS disk + data disk, you do the...
  20. DRBD9 for Proxmox 5

    They made the mistake to change license, but they have reverted their decision after a short amount of time but Proxmox never reconsidered DRBD9. As far as I know, drbd9 is the only way you could have a 2 storage node + 1 quorum node cluster, reducing a lot the cost of a HA solution. Also DRBD9...


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