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  1. [SOLVED] PCI/GPU passthrough and GUI malfunction

    I don't remember all I did at the time, but lspci was one of the until for sure. It took a lot of reading,googling and head scratching to get to the answer. Luckily it was not missions critical, just playing around.
  2. [SOLVED] PCI/GPU passthrough and GUI malfunction

    I only suggested because I had same issue on my older MB. I was trying to passthrough a nic and it kept disabling my sata add on card with disks , Turned out all my pci slots shared the same bus.
  3. [SOLVED] PCI/GPU passthrough and GUI malfunction

    Your problem may be that your nic and pci you use for gpu are on the same bus. Try moving the gpu to different pci slot.
  4. hardware

    I guess you are coming from VMware setup. Proxmox is different. As it is a Linux based , and Debian to boot, it will and usually run on preaty much any hardware. It is hard to find machine that it will not run on. That said ,however, a lot depends on your use needs/wants. A simple...
  5. hardware

    It all depends on your needs but proxmox is Debian based. So what ever is supported in Debian will do. Now if you need passthrough support or something check what needed for that. But Dell Intel based server should work fine.
  6. install gui with lxc container

    There is a difference between showing a simple desktop and running a media client. An real VM emulates hardware and with passthrough it looks and feels,to the app, as a real pc. With enought resources Plex can run properly on VM. Lxc shares the resources with host and have a lot of constraints...
  7. install gui with lxc container

    Linux and proxmox are not the problem. You just trying to use things not designed for your needs. Try using real VM. Proxmox supports both, a lxc container and real full VM.
  8. How to organise drives (passthrough, snapraid, etc)

    Forget about omv. Run proxmox with a turnkey lxc for file server. And an lxc with a downloader like deluge or transmision or what ever. I run. Proxmox with zfs for system on a mirrored ssds. Plus a mirrored 2tb pool for VMs and containers. Ands data pool for all my shared data. I run an emby lxc...
  9. How can I Remove proxmox

    I, personally do not understand this post. What exactly is the issue? You don't want to run proxmox anymore? Boot any live cd. Run parted/gparted, remove any partitions , create new partition table. Boot into install cd and install any other distro. Encryption only stops you from getting to...
  10. Drives not available in zfs

    You are welcome. I actually thought they were claimed by proxmox , But glad it was helpful.
  11. Drives not available in zfs

    More info is needed. Maybe an output of zfs list as well as some others. Most likely you already have used all drives in zfs pool so they will not show up. If this are new drives You can try and go to command line and create partition table manually and see if they show up after that.
  12. Security risk when running router in Proxmox connected directly to the internet?

    I am running just the same setup. I gave an Lenovo sff pc with 3 NICs. 1. Is connected to my ISP modem. 2 others are to main switch. I have setup proxmox host with 3 Bridges. Vmbr0,vmbr1 and vmbr1 Vmbr1 is on wan. Connected to nic linked to the ISP modem Vmbr2 is lan . Vmbr0 is lan and...
  13. Lost console access to container after cluster reboot running PVE 6.0

    No. The cursor just jumps to next line as if I am typing in text editor. When I try a pop-up noVNC it sometimes works or at times duplicates the black screen in the pop-up. Ssh from remote machine always works fine.
  14. Lost console access to container after cluster reboot running PVE 6.0

    I have similar issue but I have no console at all. Not for CT not the host. I run proxmox 5.4.x, not sure what the exact version right now. All is up and running but when I go to web interface I get no consoles at all. Black screens all around. I can ssh into any machines. Host and containers...
  15. Proxmox and pfsense

    Can you give a bit more details on what you are trying to accomplish and you setup? As well as what exactly is the problem? Here is why, I run pfsense as my router and firewall replacement for my home now. My setup is local as in I run a small Lenovo desktop as proxmox server with a single vm...
  16. HDDs not found

    Probobly because your controller is not supported. I have seen it with older dell raid cards before. If you can try to find a more common hba and try with it.
  17. A short story on a cluster failing

    I thought it only apply when cluster is less than 4 nodes. Like you can not have a stable quorum with 2 nodes. You need 3.
  18. Problem lxc container (Not network)

    Ahh I see. You have pfsense as your router. It should work than. I have a pfsense machine as a router on my home network and it works. But in my case the pfsense vm acts as all in one setup a router dns and dhcp. And it replaces a real router from my isp to my home network.
  19. Problem lxc container (Not network)

    What is your internet on? Just because it works on your server. Didn't mean it should work on VMs without some intervention. #1. If your internet is on 192.158.1.x than you need to do some forwarding or translation. #2 if your dhcp is on .10.x segment you will need to add the vmbr0 to it and do...
  20. Help connecting to vm from another computer

    No he meant that if vm is a webserver than you can use browser to access what ever web content it serves. A vm is a represententation of a pc. You access it just like any real pc. So if your vm up is x.x.x.7 you use that to connect to it. That said, before you can connect you need to install and...


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