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  1. Kernel panic

    IPTABLES="ipt_REJECT ipt_owner ipt_REDIRECT ipt_tos ipt_TOS ipt_LOG ip_conntrack ipt_limit ipt_multiport iptable_filter iptable_mangle ipt_TCPMSS ipt_tcpmss ipt_ttl ipt_length ipt_state iptable_nat ip_nat_ftp" echo:~# pveversion pve-manager/1.5/4728 echo:~# pveversion -v pve-manager: 1.5-9...
  2. Server HDD problems (ASAP)

    Hey, i have 1 customers VPS which use to many hard disk resources, i mean I/O and another VPS did not work fine. How to limit VPS hdd? I would like to mention that ioprio did not work as i want, and i dont see the results :/ I need replies as soon as possible to solve this problem.
  3. VPS statistics

    Hello, i have few questions: How to grab VE's information like: HDD, RAM (for example: 10/30GB (30%), 512/1024MB (50%) and not to hang servers with statistics :) I need them because i would like to include it to my customers page :)
  4. Kernel panic

    Hello, i have a big trouble with my hardnode. Today it crashes two times with Kernel Panic, without exact problem. How can i fix it or how can i got logs about kernel panic? :( Because in /var/log/messages /var/log/debug /var/log/kern no info. echo:~# pveversion -v pve-manager: 1.5-9...
  5. My machines crashes

    Hello, my machine crash and fails to boot after reboot. I do not know what the exactly happens but all my servers with this configuration after reboot crashes. omega:~# pveversion -v pve-manager: 1.5-7 (pve-manager/1.5/4660) running kernel: 2.6.18-2-pve proxmox-ve-2.6.18: 1.5-5...
  6. limit VPS upload/download speed

    Hey, i have a problem with one of my customers, he use all my bandwidth, so i would like to limit his VPS upload/download rate to 10 Mbit/s. I did that with this last code, but: after limit, other my customers feel greater delay ping (actually...
  7. pve-manager

    Hello, new pve-manager didint show CPU usage. How to fix it?
  8. Proxmox 1.5 upgrading

    URGENT Hello, i have upgraden from 1,4 to 1,5 ProxMox, and i have strange problem with uptime. Proxmox shows that VPSes are alive more than 1 Hour, but Hardnode is alive only 15 minutes, only KVM shows true time. In Administration -> Cluster - TIME OK In VM Manager -> Virtual Machines - TIME...
  9. problems with ve rebooting

    Hey, i have problem with my VE's. I had installed 18 and i had disabled that kernel because it didint work properly, so i returned to 2.6.24-9-pve.. So the problem is: my VE after reboot command didint boot back, it show mounted. I need to umount and start by myself. beta:~# pveversion -v...
  10. VE reboot problems

    Hello, i have problems with VPS reboot.. When I type "reboot" in VE machine, VPS didint reboot, but turns off SSH and send message: "vps139:~# reboot Broadcast message from root@vps139 (pts/0) (Mon Jan 4 10:33:23 2010): The system is going down for reboot NOW! vps139:~# ". If i reboot via...
  11. PVE 1.4 installing

    Good afternoon, how to install pve 1.4 not 1.5 but only 1.4 because six my nodes are using pve 1.4 with x.x.18 kernel with cpu and cpulimit capabilities and i dont want to upgrade to 1.5 because need reboot and my uptine would be lower..
  12. eth0 timed out

    Hey, i checked my dmesg logs, and i have found these lines: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out r8169: eth0: link up How to fix? This problem persists from 2 to 10 times per day, starting from the day before yesterday..
  13. Bandwidth problems

    Hello, one or more of my VPS customers are using a lot of international roaming (at the moment - all) and i have problem, for example: apt-get update takes about 10 minutes... How to find a pest? How to track traffic?
  14. Qemu

    Hello, there is any possibility to rename QEMU Virtual CPU to Original CPU name like: Intel Xeon UP QC X3430, or limit for example not only CPU's bet set MHZ rate: 4x400MHz or 400MHz only?


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