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  1. Stoiko Ivanov

    disk structure

    Please post in English - this also increases your chances of getting an answer :) From automatically translating your post: the "4 disks" you see are actually 2 disk-images: * vm-104-disk-0 (from the size of it I assume this is the efivars disk, in the configuration - and that VM 104 is booted...
  2. Stoiko Ivanov

    Cannot receive emails from Gmail only

    Please share the logs of PMG for such a mail - that should show us if PMG does not pass them on, or if the issue is after PMG (on a wild guess I could imagine that the anti-spam firewall discards the mail in the assumption, that mail from gmail will come from gmail servers - but you should be...
  3. Stoiko Ivanov

    BUG: kernel NULL pointer dereference, address: 0000000000000000

    for reference: I'll update the report there (and would suggest to keep the discussion in one place from now on, to not overlook any details)
  4. Stoiko Ivanov

    mail problem

    Sorry but I do not understand your question or there are too little details - please provide: * the settings of your NVR * the logs of PMG showing that the NVR tries to connect * the logs of the NVR
  5. Stoiko Ivanov

    Is it safe to upgrade a root ZFS pool with OpenZFS 2.0.3-pve1?

    yes - but since the partitions are already formatted it should be enough to just run `proxmox-boot-tool init` * if this errors out you can format with `proxmox-boot-tool format /dev/sdX2 --force` make sure to read the output and watch for any warnings or errors I'm always a bit hesitant to...
  6. Stoiko Ivanov

    Is it safe to upgrade a root ZFS pool with OpenZFS 2.0.3-pve1?

    That's good - you do have 2 vfat partitions on the 2 disks of rpool (I would guess the system was setup with PVE 6.1-6.3 ISO?) a) make still sure you have a working backup of all important data ( this is always a prerequisite before doing something that might render your system unbootable ) b)...
  7. Stoiko Ivanov

    Is it safe to upgrade a root ZFS pool with OpenZFS 2.0.3-pve1?

    from the outputs you posted it's not possible to tell if you're completely safe the output of `proxmox-boot-tool status` should provide the needed information additionally please also post the output of `lsblk` if you're not using proxmox-boot-tool and don't have the kernel installed on vfat...
  8. Stoiko Ivanov

    Convert LVM to LVM-thin

    a) please verify and make sure you really don't have any data left on /dev/nvme0n1!! (since the steps will destroy everything on it) b) select /dev/nve0n1 in the Disks menu and click 'Wipe Disk' c) create a LVM-Thin (you now should have the nvme selectable) I hope this helps!
  9. Stoiko Ivanov

    Error installing Proxmox 7.1 on my system "bootloader setup errors: unable to init ESP and install proxmox-boot loader on '/dev/sdc2'"

    On a hunch - I'd check the System BIOS/UEFI after a reboot - some have a setting that prevent writing efivars from the OS - this would explain the issue (I know of such a behavior from DELL Servers if you set 'UEFI Variable Access' to Controlled (in the Security settings) - see...
  10. Stoiko Ivanov

    Help with configuration for SPAM mail detection

    I'd recommend implementing the recommendations from the getting started page in our wiki: I hope this helps!
  11. Stoiko Ivanov

    node not joining

    yes - however the passwords for the @pam users are local to the node - make sure to update them on both nodes! Glad we figured this out!
  12. Stoiko Ivanov

    node not joining

    * changing the password won't break synchronization * re-enabling tfa should not break the synchronization (should because I did not explictly try this) so - I'd suggest - try it - should it cause problems - just report them back here (with the logs) - and I'd try to reproduce the environment...
  13. Stoiko Ivanov

    Installer shows incorrect disk size

    Initial patch was sent: Once this is applied the disk sizes should match (earliest with the next released ISO) Thanks again!
  14. Stoiko Ivanov

    Installer shows incorrect disk size

    I see what you mean - it's a display bug (cutoff after the decimal point instead of rounding) - but as said only a display bug - the disks will be used with their full capacity We'll try to come up with a patch to fix this :) Thanks for reporting the issue
  15. Stoiko Ivanov

    Not getting NDR reports for bounced/rejected/undelivered emails

    The log you posted (if possible please post it as text the next time, since it's far easier to read/quote it) says that:[]:25 accepted the mail for delivery and is responsible to send it to the recipient: I would check the logs on that system - or ask the admin...
  16. Stoiko Ivanov

    Not getting NDR reports for bounced/rejected/undelivered emails

    From a quick look it seems that it does work fine? the email from to was rejected by the gmail mailservers (because the recipient-address does not exist) - and then your PMG sends a NDR/bounce to...
  17. Stoiko Ivanov

    Bad Spam recognition (compared to other solutions)

    again - please share some logs - else it's really not possible to see if there is anything which might be improved with your current setup. else PMG uses quite well-proven technologies for detecting spam (mostly SpamAssassin), which do work acceptably in most situations (we run it here and spam...
  18. Stoiko Ivanov

    Not getting NDR reports for bounced/rejected/undelivered emails

    Please share the logs from PMG from such a mail (and the NDR)
  19. Stoiko Ivanov

    Bad Spam recognition (compared to other solutions)

    Do you know the getting started page on the pmg wiki: these settings are usually quite a good start. Else - if you share the logs (anonymize the data - but make sure it's still somewhat followable) - we might see...
  20. Stoiko Ivanov

    node not joining

    nice these messages are harmless (although we'll try to get rid of them soon, since they do cause confusion) I think this is due to missing firewall-allow rules for razor would also guess on a hunch that this might be related to missing firewall policies or pmgproxy not listening on the...


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