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  1. [SOLVED] Replication - space quota exceeded

    Hello, we are having problem with host replication. The host have 16GB disk, which is about 25% full. But when replication starts,after 2GB trasnfered it ends with an error cannot receive incremental stream: destination rpool/data/subvol-150-disk-0 space quota exceeded The error is about space...
  2. Blocked tasks in dmesg and kern.log

    Hello, we are having problems with proxmox servers, our server sometimes freeze or something and does not work for like 2-10 minutes until he unfreeze and continue work...our monitoring system is reporting these freezes, because the server does not respond to ping. In log we found "INFO: task...
  3. Replication doing full sync instead of incremental sync

    Hello, we are facing problems with replication. Like once a month, our container replication is doing "full sync" instead of "incremental sync". The container have few hundreds of GB so its really annoying. Why it is doing full sync when initial full sync already happened. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Restarting server crashes ethernet adapter on other nodes

    Hello, we are facing pretty curios troubles in Proxmox cluster. When we restart node or corosing on some host (systemctl restart corosync), then on some other nodes ethernet adapter crashes and does not recover himself. Yesterday we performed a test - we restarted server "backup" and in few...
  5. [SOLVED] Corosync not synchronized with another nodes

    Hello, iam facing an issue with cluster/corosync. If one node in cluster is unavailable for like 30 minutes, because of lost internet connection, HW maintenance or something else, the node wont rejoin cluster after starting/connecting. The solution i found is to restart corosync on all nodes...
  6. [SOLVED] Windows 10 VM´s BSOD

    Hello there. Past 3 days we have hard times with Windows 10 virtual machines. We are runnich cluster with 8 nodes, eveything is up to date and the problem occurs on every node. BSOD is showing all the time, sometimes when booting, sometimes after few minutes of fresh started VM. I will be...
  7. Replacing disks

    Hello. Here is our situation - we have 2x 1000GB and 2x 500GB HDDs. But now we want to replace all these disks with 2x 1000GB SSDs. And here is the thing, we´d like to do. We want to move data from 500GB disks to 1000GB disks, then remove the 500GB HDDs and replace them with the 1000GB SSDs. At...


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