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  1. Change IP address is not complete

    Hello, I've experimeted that issue ( possible bug ) at a cusotmer and reproduced it on a test machine. 1 - I've installed a full new Mail Gateway with 5.0-12 iso and gave it an IP address 2 - I've upgraded to the last version with apt update / apt upgrade and rebooted the Mail Gateway 3 - From...
  2. Where is proxca manual ?

    Hello, All is in the subject :-) Best regards. Michel.
  3. Partitions lost in a Qcow2 VM

    Hello and my best wishes for 2017. This morning I had a strange issue with a VM, an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with 32 GB of HD with default configuration. That VM ran since months without problem. After a simple dist-upgrade, the reboot failed saying that the disk was not bootable. PartitionMagic...
  4. Action "Block" and statistic

    Hello, I would know where an incoming email blocked in a rule is counted in "General mail statistics - Mails", if they are :-) I know I can see them in "General mail statistics - Rules" but I would see them by day / month / year. Have a nice afternoon. Michel.
  5. Avira licencing model

    Hello, Avira is sold by user. How the number of user is defined ? We receive often mail for qsodfjsoifj@domain.tld or anything dummy before the @. I do not imagine they count as an user :D Thank for your reply. Michel.
  6. Unable to access a NFS share

    Hello, I've installed Proxmox on a fresh Wheezy. I can create a NFS share ( another fresh Wheezy server ) but Proxmox can not access it, error 500. I can mount the share directly in Wheezy so I believe that the NFS server has any issue. I temprary solve the problem by creating the share on...
  7. What is the maximum practical size of a qcow2 disk size

    Hello everybody, The subject says almost all ;). We may virtualize a physical machine with a 2Tb hard disk. It's possible to have on a SAN a part of the data but a minumum of 1Tb should be directly on the machine. For some reasons, OpenVz is not an option. Does is it reasonable to have a 1Tb...
  8. Support, what is included ?

    Hello, I've read the subscription agreement and saw : We do not support modified packages, third party software, community projects upon which our releases are based on, code development, system and network design, designing security rules, backup and recovery strategies and high availability...
  9. Problem during Debian upgrade

    Hello, I'm facing a weird problem. We have some Proxmox VE servers but not in any cluster. Today, I did a Debian upgrade. Only Debian packages, we have already the 2.3.13 everywhere. One the first server, I closed each VM ( only KVM ), did the Debian upgrade ( aptitude full-upgrade ) and...
  10. Unable to install V3 in a network

    Hello, I need to install some MG Gateways in a private network. I do not have any control on that numbering plan. The netmask is but when I try to enter 0 for the third digit, it is always changed by 255. It seems that I can enter anything but not 0 even if the second...
  11. Sub menu problem with Firefox 16

    Hello, When I open a sub menu with Firefox, this one dissapears immediatly most of the times. I should maintain down the left button of the mouse to hope to be able to select an item in the sub menu. With MSIE 9 and Chrome 23, there are any problem. What can I do ? Thank in advance. Michel
  12. Mail blocked ! Help please :-)

    Hello, This morning a did some add in whitelist and blacklist, now, all mail are blocked with this message : 1DC52401090D: to=<destination@domain.tld>, relay=[]:10024, delay=3, delays=0.01/0/0.06/2.9, dsn=4.4.0, status=deferred (host[] said: 451 4.4.0...
  13. Unable to build a cluster with unicast

    Hello there, I'm trying to build for the first time a cluster with unicast ( used to do that in LAN where multicast works ). Two servers in a Vrack at OVH but I'm not sure that the problem is there. First, a fresh install of both server, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. Added both servers...
  14. Problem with Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS OpenVz Image

    Hello, By chance I found this. Not a big issue but weird. I've two servers, both stand alone, running PVE 2.2.24. When I run an Openvz container with Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS, the console does not accept any command but the container seems to work without any problem. I've tried with the image from...
  15. Unable to backup KVM machines after update

    Hello, Yesterday I did an update on a fresh V2 install on Debian Squeeze and an usual apt-get upgrade. This night, the usual backup failled on KVM machines with this error message : Undefined subroutine &PVE::Storage::cluster_lock_storage called at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/VZDump/
  16. Unable to use tab in console

    Hello, V2 is great unless that damned tab key is not funtionnal in console mode. I've seen some post around that issue but not yet find a solution working for us. Using on client side Windows 7 64 bits, Firefox 13.0 or Chrome 19.0, Java Tying to install an Ubuntu release on...
  17. sync problem

    Hello everybody, I'm facing this curious problem and have any idea how to solve it. I had since months, a cluster of 5 PVE 1.8 working nice. I did the 1.9 update without issue. Now, I want to add a 6th physical server. It's is on a DMZ but I'm sure ( checked, checked and checked ) that all...
  18. Migration of Bayes database

    Hello, I've a customer who has a spam filter on Debian. Usual installation amavis + clamav + spamassassin. Bayes is enabled. Filtering is working very well. We will migrate to a Proxmox Mail Gateway. Wich is the user I should use to import actual Bayes database with sa-learn --import on the...
  19. Ham what object

    Hello, In what objects, there is one called Spam. Using it, I can apply actions on all spammy mails. I can do the same with viruses, deangerous content, ... Is there a whay to do the same with hams ? We need to implement a specific action only for them. Have a nice day.
  20. Maximum size of a KVM raw file

    Hello everybody, What would be the optimal maximum size of a KVM raw file ? 32G, the default, 100G, more ? A daily backup is done over a NFS share. Best regards.


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