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  1. Process proxmox-backup-api flooding syslog

    Hi, look at this
  2. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Yes it's confusing. I don't know if I have good, but it works
  3. vTPM for Proxmox

    Remove existing EFI disk and create a new one, with pre-enroll keys. You will have to recreate the boot in vBIOS.
  4. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    It is a real question. Mainly to restore vm with GPU passtroughed.
  5. Access to shell with other user than root

    PVE users, one for PVE and another one for PBS
  6. Access to shell with other user than root

    Just created users and token for playing. I can access to all functions, but not to the shell There is a way to solve this ?
  7. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Just for feedback, I have created one user for PVE and another one for PBS. I disabled root in PVE and PBS, and I can login with respected token in PVE and PBS authentication server. Now PBS is connected to PVE with a token. No more log Very interesting Thanks again
  8. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Ok, thanks you Solved
  9. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    I played a little with API token, but I want to "full reset" this to recreate neatly. I understood I can connect PBS to PVE with API token and secret, but after removed all token and user, and connect PBS with root@pam, I cant backup some VM anymore. I explored some files in PVE and PBS case...
  10. vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    Ok, After remove and create another EFI disk with pre enrolled keys, i was able to had secure boot activated, but i had to disable signature vérification for storage controller. I will try later to change this driver.
  11. vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    I upgraded from 6 to 7. Its works with the new package ! Thanks you ! After shutdown and restart:
  12. vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    I have broken all :/ I have added pvetest repo and upgrade the 3 paquets: pve-manager qemu-server pve-edk2-firmware I had another version of trousers because of mortar framework installed: root@pve:/mnt/temp/backup_ext# dpkg -l | grep trousers iF trousers...
  13. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Ok. I just have one debian + PVE + PBS. I use root@pam for PVE and PBS. I will learn for API token. Thanks you for answer.
  14. [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Hello, I don't know it's its since the last release, but I have this in syslog:
  15. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    PVE and PBS are on the same host. It will be possible in future to restore from the app ?
  16. [SOLVED] iommu enabled to but enabled

    Unfortunaly, you can't passthrough PCIe device with this CPU. You need VT-d for this, not only VT-x. Some Sandy bridge M CPUs support this, but you to be sure your motherboard and BIOS support this.
  17. Just a little feedback (6 to 7, PBS 1 to 2)

    I came from PVE 6.4 and PBS 1.X, installed on top on Debian 10 on the same host, with secure boot from Mortar Framework. I use principally a Windows 10 VM with GPU (WX 3100), NIC (Intel i210) and M2 PCIe Renesas USB3 (for USB front) passed trough. This is my daily "computer", used with a KVM...
  18. [SOLVED] Error when backupping Template

    Just upgraded to PVE7 and PBS2, it works :) Thanks you
  19. Windows VM issues when CPU set to Host

    You should look here:
  20. GPU passthrough

    I had same issues with Asus P10S-i, it was a bugged BIOS. The two lasts BIOS for this motherboard has same issues (4602 and 4503) It works with this, but it's not clean, so i stuck to 4401. You can try to upgrade or downgrade


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