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  1. Unable to add NFS Storage on Proxmox but I am able to mount directly via CLI

    # pvesm status Name Type Status Total Used Available % NFS dir active 1902052608 1306619264 498791680 68.70% local dir active 448971536 128454648 297687424 28.61% (Please note that I...
  2. Unable to add NFS Storage on Proxmox but I am able to mount directly via CLI

    Rebooting the node with the NFS config at /etc/pve/storage.cfg the same result: I can see it in PVE under storage but the NFS is not being mounted. A workaround is mount the NFS (adding to /etc/fstab) and in Proxmox storage selecting "Directory" but i am not comfortable with this workaround...
  3. Unable to add NFS Storage on Proxmox but I am able to mount directly via CLI

    If I edit /etc/pve/storage.cfg adding the NFS volume, i can see this in Proxmox but really do nothing. The NFS is not mounted anyway.
  4. Unable to add NFS Storage on Proxmox but I am able to mount directly via CLI

    Hello, When I try to add the NFS storage via Proxmox (version 5.4-13) i get the following error: create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': storage 'node' is not online (500) But, directly in the node,via CLI if I do a simple: mount -t nfs remote_nfs_ip:node /mnt It is...
  5. noVNC console, change proxmox boot logo?

    It is possible to change the proxmox boot logo, added few time ago to the noVNC console when VM is starting (POST) ?
  6. KVM templates and default root password

    It is supposed that in modulesgarden in the proxmoxvps module they solved it. But i have to try it.
  7. VMs Network speed slowing down

    I´m sorry for delay. Yes, my previous server was in Gravelines datacenter. If you check my previous post in this threat you can see my tests and the faults. Like commented another people in this thread its happening "randomly" in almost ovh datacenters.
  8. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Later 3 months with the issue i left the server. I gave it other opportunity to ovh and i rent another server in another datacenter. I buy another OVH server (in Roubaix) in this case, and i move my current IPs (a /27 and a /28 subnet). And yes, working without issues, absolutely, at this time...
  9. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Since this morning, the speed slow down again.... On dedicated server: wget 2016-09-23 12:22:51 (111 MB/s) on VM: wget 2016-09-23 12:35:28 (1,91 MB/s) While the iperf values are ok. It becomes really frustrating...
  10. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Yes, it seems exactly the same issue. You should contact ovh support (if you do not contact already) and send test and iperfs. It is supposed now, that for OVH is a known issue. I hope for your case the best...good luck! ;)
  11. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Hi @PhilV, i´m sorry for delay in answer. Yes, i can confirm that speedtest is not fiable in this case. I have done test like yours, downloading file from VM and really i can download about 100 Mb/s, this means 800 Mbps -for upload- that is great. So at this time, all it seems working as...
  12. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Thank you for your wishes PhilV! But i am going crazy due really my upload speed is too slow. I supposed that i have: Network 1 Gbps AB OVH/OVH 1 Gbps AB OVH/Internet 500 Mbps AB Internet/OVH 1 Gbps So, i think we have the same bandwidth limits. You have an amazing...
  13. VMs Network speed slowing down

    @PhilV good news here too! :) I test yesterday (later some days offline) and things goes well. I have same speed in VM and its working perfectly at this time. They send me exactly the same case number: So, we had the same incident!! It was related to...
  14. VMs Network speed slowing down

    @PhilV can you confirm still working at this time?? In my case, no news, if they definetively found the issue (or part) they should be able to do the same for me :)
  15. VMs Network speed slowing down

    My fault, yesterday in 5 minutes timeline i thought issue was solved, but of course NOT, false alarm :( SyS is a great offer, and servers works well, server is cheaper but they IP policy is worst. You can get 16 IP free, only paying setup, but for more you need to pay 2 EUR/month per IP, with...
  16. VMs Network speed slowing down

    @PhilV could you try now? It´s working for you?
  17. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Here another clear demostration: [root@hosting ~]# ./speedtest-cli Retrieving configuration... Retrieving server list... Testing from OVH ( Selecting best server based on latency... Hosted by Orange (Paris) [1.88 km]: 6.104 ms Testing download...
  18. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Yes, they will not install or test anything. I asked also that before send me the details to new server that a tecnician install a clean proxmox with a VM and their vmac to test. If i get the same issue in a new server, of course no refund, and time and money losed.
  19. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Yes, thank you for the advice. I was decided to order a new server -and do a IP migration-, but with your experience definetively i can´t continue wasting time, money and patience. They confirm that they guarantee the speed of the main server, and of course this depends on virtualization, more...


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