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  1. Unable to add NFS Storage on Proxmox but I am able to mount directly via CLI

    Hello, When I try to add the NFS storage via Proxmox (version 5.4-13) i get the following error: create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': storage 'node' is not online (500) But, directly in the node,via CLI if I do a simple: mount -t nfs remote_nfs_ip:node /mnt It is...
  2. noVNC console, change proxmox boot logo?

    It is possible to change the proxmox boot logo, added few time ago to the noVNC console when VM is starting (POST) ?
  3. Is the 4.4.13-2-pve kernel rebootless ready?

    Hello, Is the latest kernel at this time 4.4.13-2-pve ready rebootless? So no more reboots on kernel update? Greetings!
  4. Expanding storage: understanding "cloud" storage

    Hello, With my current 3x 120 GB SSD hard disk configuration per dedicated server (single servers) -raid 5-, the server will become full in hard disk space very fast, while server is with low load (on cpu/memory). So this is a heavy inconvenient, since yes: we have a nice performance but too...
  5. ZRAID1 Software - Failed HD replacement procedure?

    Hello, For 2 hard disk, with zraid1 software configuration (mirroring), in a hypotetic case, how should we proceed in order to replace a failed hard disk? In traditional raid (mdadm) the basics is quite simple: 1. Unmount the failed hard disk. 2. Shutdown and replace hard disk. 3. Boot & clone...
  6. KVM templates and default root password

    Hello, With "Convert to template" feature in proxmox really is very easy to create a predefined KVM template, but of course the new vms created based on this template have the same root password that predefined template that is not the best in some cases. I use WHMCS (and modulesgarden proxmox...
  7. Linux KVM vm´s don´t halt completely

    Hello, In Linux KVM virtual machines (and this happens with all Linux distros), when a shutdown is performed, on proxmox vm appears running and in VNC console the message "Halting". So the virtual machines are ready for shutdown, but i have to force a "hard" stop to shutdown definetively the...
  8. RAM high load on node with no VM running

    I am doing some performance checks in a dedicated server with latest proxmox 4.1 (including the today kernel enterprise repo update). Once rebooted i started checks: Node just restarted, no vms running: root@hn2:~# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 24098 870 23227...
  9. VM bash error: innapropiate ioctl for device

    I am getting the following issue in a VM container (openVZ), latest 4.1 proxmox with all updates (from enterprise repo). I attached the screenshot of the issue, over VNC console. -bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Innapropiate ioctl for device -bash: no job control in this shell...
  10. Adding SSD for cache - ZIL / L2ARC

    Hello, I´ve installed the latest Proxmox 4.1 via iso on one of my dedicated servers. The specs are: CPU1: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (Cores 8) Memory: 24061 MB Disk /dev/sda: 750 GB (=> 698 GiB) Disk /dev/sdb: 750 GB (=> 698 GiB) Disk /dev/sdc: 120 GB (=> 111 GiB)...


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