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  1. Configure fail2ban alert email

    Good Morning, I'd like to set up the fail2ban ban email alert, where it will only send emails once a week, a kind of summary. Please, if anyone can help me with this. Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  2. Proxmox Mail Gateway DKIM Configuration

    Good afternoon, You want instructions for setting up DKIM functionality on the Proxmox Mail Gateway. Please, if anyone can guide me. Thanks in advance for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  3. Google emails coming back

    Good afternoon, I'm having trouble sending email to domains, the emails returned, with the following message appearing: host [] said: 550-5.7.28 [ 1] Our system has detected an unusual problem 550-5.7.28 rate unsolicited emails...
  4. Proxmox Mail Gateway Log Error

    Good afternoon, My Proxmox Mail Gateway is popping up a log message: postfix/postscreen[21493]: CONNECT from []:43262 to []:25 postfix/postscreen[21504]: fatal: error [-30986] seeking /var/lib/postfix/postscreen_cache.db: Success postfix/master[1771]: warning...
  5. Proxmox Mail Gateway under attack, sending emails wildly out with foreign domains

    Good Morning, I am experiencing some kind of attack on my Proxmox Mail Gateway, an internal email account of mine is wildly sending emails with strange domains and I can't identify what it is. It seems to me it's like a robot that makes this kind of attack, it affected two of my email...
  6. native commands are not running

    Good Morning, When executing Proxmox Mail Gateway native commands, such as pmgcm status, pmgqm status, an error message appears: (failed to get address info for: Temporary failure in name resolution). If anyone can help me, please. Thanks in advance for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  7. I'm receiving extortion email

    Hello, I'm receiving extortion email, The "I am a programmer who broke your email" scam is mainly distributed by emails that may even be filtered as spam by email providers for now. I need urgent help, please. Thanks in advance for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  8. Constant error in log

    The following message is constantly appearing in my mail.log: pmg-smtp-filter [1180]: ERROR: RRD error: rrdcached @ unix: /var/run/rrdcached.sock: illegal attempt to update using time 1571776237.000000 when last update time is 1814828942.000000 (minimum one second step) I wonder how I can...
  9. Distributed Botnet - Sextortion

    Hello, Good afternoon, I recently received a distributed botnet attack on my Proxmox Mail Gateway antispam server, called sextortion, I wonder if there is a way to stop this type of attack on Proxmox Mail Gateway. Thanks in advance for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  10. systemd-timesyncd Dead - Network Time Synchronization

    Hello, I have a problem with my Proxmox Mail Gateway, the service (systemd-timesyncd) is not going up, and no syslog is issued an error message all the time (pmg-smtp-filter [1121]: ERROR: RRD error: rrdcached @ unix: /var/run/rrdcached.sock: Illegal attempt to update using time...
  11. Proxmox Mail Gateway Upgrade from Version 5 to 6

    hello good morning, I am trying to upgrade my Proxmox Mail Gateway from version 5 to recent version 6.0, however I do not use the enterprise repository, ie without signature, I do not know if that is why it is giving error in my update , at the very end already talking about the repository, I...
  12. Fail2Ban for Proxmox Mail Gateway

    Good morning, I would like to know if anyone has already implemented Fail2Ban on Proxmox Mail Gateway.
  13. Statistical graphs in server administration

    My Proxmox Mail Gatewa on the Administration Server side is not showing anything on the statistics graphs, what can it be? Thanks in advance for your attention Sincerely Hugo Almeida


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