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  1. Mixed Cluster 5.4 / 6.x during upgrade?

    Hi, I have a two-node cluster with 5.4 with an external shared storage (FibreChannel SAN) and LVM on top Is it possible to: migrate all VMs to one node upgrade second node migrate VMs from old 5.4 node to 6.0 "online" If yes, is it also possible to move back from the 6.0 to the 5.4 node in...
  2. EncFS inside LXC with password prompt

    Hi All, I am running PVE 5.4 with a remote storage system, LXC containers are provisioned using LVM based disks. For a new project I want to add a "file based encryption" such as enfcs to one mountpoint inside the container. As it looks like adding fuse inside the container is not a good idea...
  3. Unable to backup VM to remote storage

    Hi All, I have a remote storage mounted via sshfs to /mnt/backup, backup works fine for Containers but some backups jobs for VMs end with vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe Below is one of the logs (5 in total from 2 nodes) - the VMs are between 10G and 250G in size, one with 12G is...
  4. [SOLVED] Unable to add items to blacklist

    Hi, I am trying to blacklist a domain but regardsless of what I am entering into the fields I get Parameter verification failed. (400) pmail: parameter required with role 'root' Any help is appreciated.. Oliver
  5. UID mapping / container backup

    Hi All, I am looking for some help on the UID mapping stuff from lxc and hope somebody can provide some insight on that :) I use PVE with LVM on SAN storage and want to backup my container disks using rsync. Basically I create a LVM snapshot of the containers disks, mount the snapshots in the...
  6. RFE: Add subject to tracking center

    Hi, I would find it very helpful to have the messages subject in the tracking center/logs, at least in the detailed view. Reason: Will help to identify false positives or find mails a customer is missing best regards Oliver
  7. Greylisting: Settings and Logs?

    Hi, I am just migrating my old qmail toaster to PMG and I have some questions regarding greylisting: 1) What are the pass/block/expiry timeout settings and is there a way to tweak them 2) Does PMG use the full IP or only the /24 subnet of the IP (I had some problems with this in the past) 3)...
  8. Restore unprivileged container to LVM

    Hi, I use LVM as backend storage and try to restore a backup of an unprivileged container but I get a permission problem: "tar: ./bin: Cannot mkdir: Permission denied". I think that I need to mount/create the LVM storage with some extra option to allow write access for the mapped user but...


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