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  1. [SOLVED] udisksd using lots of CPU

    i have those "spikes" for hours (it is not a spike anymore). i am running systemctl stop udisks2 via crontab every 10 minutes. what is a real solution? why are udisks2 generating high cpu? regards, andre
  2. Graphs not working after Upgrade

    you have to clear cache or reload page with strg+f5 (chrome and firefox). then it should work again.

    i am trying the same, and having the same issue. but i am using docker. docker itself is running on this lxc container, but not with minikube. error message: stderr: docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused...
  4. Best practice Boot drive ZFS replication

    and thanks once again! set ZPOOL_IMPORT_PATH in /etc/default/zfs to /dev/disk/ and it works as i like!
  5. Best practice Boot drive ZFS replication

    hey, thanks once again pve-efiboot-tool did it. works great. now i have one small issue. during my tests with removing and exchanging drives i observed that the devices in the pool are used with sda / sdb3 / ... after failover and rebooting from the "2nd device" of a mirror-0-zpool. can this be...
  6. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    nevertheless thx a lot for all your effort.
  7. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    Windows crashes as well...
  8. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    yes, good hint. i have the latest win10 iso downloaded some days ago. so i will check that.
  9. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    hi, using "bios" instead of uefi didn't change anything. proxmox installation iso fails during reboot in the same manner as described above. maybe a socket is defect? but than i should get errors during mem check, right?
  10. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    interesting, didn't find something like that. will check running bios only. btw: using the "faulty ram" is working without any issue, as long as there are only 16GB in total in use.
  11. Best practice Boot drive ZFS replication

    thx a lot! does that mean if i replace a drive with a new one i have to create the partitions manually and then run pve-efiboot-tool init, or simply run pve-efiboot-tool on the uninitialized disk? regards, andre
  12. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    will check the web further on. thanks a lot, i will come back if i have any news.
  13. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    well, i let a memtest run for some hours and that was fine. and with the "faulty memory" the linux runs fine, as long as the maximum isn't more than 16gb...?!
  14. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    it seems to be a linux issue - ubuntu has the same issue, univention (ucs) as well.
  15. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    Will have to check, but during installation I tried failsafe installation with the same result.
  16. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    it is a xeon e5 2430v2 and i'd expect that it fails before booting linux. bios settings have been set to default as well several times. however, the board has 6 slots with 3 channels (1cpu system). the rest should be possible: The R320 supports a flexible memory configuration according to...
  17. issue with dell server >16GB RAM

    hi, i have an issue with a dell r320 server. it works fine with proxmox, but as soon as i have more than 16gb of ram installed the system powers off during linux booting. doing a system check all memory checks are passed successfully. this happens during booting proxmox installation-iso as well...
  18. Best practice Boot drive ZFS replication

    Hi, I have installed proxmox on a dell r320 with zfs raid-1. this seems fine, and i am able to remove a drive and everything works fine. doing further tests it doesn't wo work to simply insert a blank drive and attach it to the zfs pool - boot partition is not synced in this case. cloning the...
  19. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    today i installed updates, and i guess that caused trouble again: libxcomp3:amd64 (2: wird eingerichtet ... pve-kernel-helper (6.0-8) wird eingerichtet ... tzdata (2019c-0+deb10u1) wird eingerichtet ... Current default time zone: 'Europe/Berlin' Local time is now...
  20. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    I checked via lsof: root@server:~# lsof /usr/local/lib/ COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME sshd 1963 root mem REG 8,17 113264 2885827 /usr/local/lib/ sshd 19223 root mem REG 8,17 113264 2885827...


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