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  1. Proxmox cloud init do not resize disk

    Hello I created Ubuntu template using proximal cloud-init as descriped on proxmox documentation (size of boot disk around 2 GB) when clone the template too create new VM, it works without any problem the problem is when add disk or resize the existing disk, I am not able to use that added disk...
  2. How to make second zfs pool as storage

    I have installed proxmox in zfs raid mirror 2 x 250GB NVMe => first pool I have created second zfs pool as raid mirror 2 x 1.6 TB SSD => second pool I have created third zfs pool as raidz1 4 x 2.4 TB HDD ==== => third pool now proxmox use only the first pool as storage for metadata, iso...
  3. benchmark comparison of ZFS X LVM X LVM thin x BTRFS

    I would to share this article comparing benchmark for ZFS X LVM X LVM thin x BTRFS
  4. How to add new disk to ZFS pool?

    Is it possible to add new disks to the existing pools without building the arrays? if yes, how?
  5. Network Vlan settings

    Hello I have a host server. I want to get 8 VMs. I have subnet with 8 PUBLIC IPs. I do not want these 8 VMs access each other so, I plan to create VLAN for each VM on the host interface and pass each Vlan tag to VM I will not provide any swiches because I expect that the proxmox vlan and vlan...
  6. BTRFS

    I have 2 NVMe disks, 4 SSD disks and 4 HDD disks I want to use all of them in ZFS or BTRFS pool but I am afraid that NVMe and SSD speed will limit to match HDD speed I need advice on that
  7. BTRFS with RAID controller

    Hello I am going to install proxmox on server which has raid controller I am interested to use BTRFS file system should I disable the raid controller or keep it notes: 1. controller is only applicable for 2 disks only which has BOSS for os 2. I have other 4 hard disks
  8. Using NVMe / SSD hard drive as VM memory

    Hello I have proxmox server with ZFS file system. I already have 128 GB of ram for host I have 20 VMs with 30GB RAM of each which should equal to 600GB of RAM As you can see I have shortage of RAM what I thing is it possible to allocate part of hard drive as ram then client can see his ram as...
  9. Advice on moving from ZFS to BTRFS

    I tried proxmox 6 and 7 in production with ZFS and RAM was the bottleneck Now, I am thinking to move from ZFS to BTRFS that my customers need snapshot and fore data safety and myself want better RAM saving any advice in this part
  10. Hyper threading virtualization

    does proxmox support virtualization of hyper threading (using multi threads available on the same CPU)?
  11. VM backups

    Hello I have proxmox working on a server with 20 VMs sold to clients Now, I want transfer VMs to another servers so, how can I change the IPs of these VMs
  12. Automation system for proxmox

    Hello Recently, I used module to integrate whmcs (billing and automation system) with proxmox, the reason was when customer make order then whmcs will create bill and send order to proxmox to create VM and then give client dashboard to control his VM. I used module from company its name...
  13. number of VM per server

    Hello I got to know that in windows you can create only 64 VM per server and also in VMware you can assign only 128 Vcpu. so, what is limitations in proxmox? please note I talk only about KVM because it is not applicable for containers
  14. Snapshots

    I have created several snapshots for VM when I want to restore the first one. it says that it is not the most recent one. Is there anyway to make proxmox restore any snapshot I want?
  15. confusion in processor settings

    Hello I have confusion in processor settings my actual server have 1 socket with 16 cores in VM can I put sockets to 2 which is higher that the actual server sockets so can do like this in VM sockets = 2 cores = 2 so vCPU = 4 CPU LIMIT = 0.4 CPU UNITS = 1024 OR WILL BE PROBLEM LIKE LOADS OR...
  16. Backup virtual machines to external hard

    Hello I need to reformat my server compltely due to security reasons.I want to take backup of VMs to external hard then restorer them after reinstall proxmox. how can I achieve that
  17. proxmox hacked

    I have proxmox with several of VM machines based on KVM sold to customers i noticed that tcp connection using my proxmox server is trying to connect to one of my other servers and off course it is getting blocked by fail2ban my question: how clients of VM can access the proxmox host is that...
  18. Thin provisioning for proxmox V7 KVM

    Hello I have installed proxmox 7 and I am creating containers and KVM For containers, proxmox gives the disk usage in datacenter control panel and also on server but in KVM, proxmox shows zero even guest agent installed and enabled do I miss something? any help?
  19. How to enable thin provisioning on ZFS

    I installed proxmox on ZFS file system now, I would like to know if thin provisioning enabled or not and if not enabled, how can I enable it?
  20. Connection of containers unstable over static ip

    Hello all, I have proxmox installed on hetzner server with subnet when I create container and ping it will ping then be unreachable then ping and so on also if I tried to ping container IP it will do the same it will ping then unreachable then ping and so no attached are settings for...


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