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  1. Proxmox VE is 10 years old!

    Happy Birthday Proxmox! Where to send a ticket for a translation bug? It always annoys me in german translation to see "Stunde/Tag/Monat (durschnitt)" statt "durchschnitt" :)
  2. How to monitor Hardware RAID?

    I don't really have much experience with those solutions. Do you have any kind of guide regarding one of those solutions in combination with Proxmox? Smartmontools is already installed. I need to see what happens with the RAID also, degrading, failed disks etc.
  3. How to monitor Hardware RAID?

    Hi there, I'm using Proxmox 5.1 with a LSI 4-port Raid Controller and of course I can check via cli with megacli how my RAID is doing. However, I need a solution that notifies me right away when a drive fails or SMART values turn bad. Do you have an idea how this is implemented the best way...
  4. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    NOT VULNERABLE all the way :) Purrfect! Thank you :)
  5. SPEC-CTRL what is it?

    As the title says, there is this new flag which one can activate but what does it do and should I enable it? Thanks!
  6. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    First... It is never advisable to have known security issues not addressed. Although physically you might be the only one having access, not fixing those issues will leave an open door to malicious software you might install knowing or unknowingly from bad sources. So not securing the server...
  7. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    Installed the updates from pve-enterprise with active subscription but there's no checkbox for PCID anywhere to be seen. What did I do wrong?
  8. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    Crashed my home testing server – well, prevented it from booting to be more precise. Guess I'll wait for some more testing before rolling it out in productive
  9. fuckwit/kaiser/kpti

    Any news on when there's going to be an official update released? With all the info surfacing now, it seems to be a massive risk for all of us running VM environments.
  10. AMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core and SSDs for ZFS

    Yes so did mine after a while but when I was watching it filling up the last few % then it suddenly hang (the UX / SSH) and I could either wait for like 1-3 hours for it to automatically reboot or reboot it forcefully. Either way, right after the system came back online, the RAM usage started...
  11. AMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core and SSDs for ZFS

    As I said, I limited RAM usage already but it didn't change anything at all.
  12. AMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core and SSDs for ZFS

    That was exactly my problem with ZFS as well though on a PX61 machine. Limited RAM usage but it went ahead, filled up all RAM and then just stalled. No recovery possible until the server was forcefully rebooted. Then decided to ditch ZFS as I can't have this uncontrolled behavior. Tested on...
  13. [SOLVED] VM stuck on reboot

    Ran the update last night, so far no problems anymore..
  14. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Alright, just saw that line "Hit return to proceed..." and knew why :) Sorry for the dumb question :)
  15. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Why do I have to omit the description? Will this spam the log or why is it?
  16. VM go down, no logs, no error message in console

    Have the latest kernel installed right now, did the reboot like 12 hours ago and so far, everything runs smoothly. Also, all VMs could be restartet several times without ending in lock up but since this is hard to reproduce anyway, I'll have to keep an eye on the situation if it ever locks up...
  17. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Wow great! Thank you so much :-) Will try this right now. Have a nice weekend!
  18. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Hm a spice viewer? Help me out here, does this software have some kind of backup feature?
  19. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Yes, I know that, but we're talking only about the backup of proxmox itself, not VMs as they're already backed up separately. As I said, I only need the main proxmox configuration to be backed up without any kind of VM backup.


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