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  1. kcare broken

    I use kcare for updates to prevent rebooting. The latest patch appears to have "renamed" the kernel? Preventing kcare from working # kcarectl --check Unknown kernel (debian 5.4.101-1-pve), no patches available
  2. syslog/kern.log messages junk

    Since a recent patch my syslog is not filling up with a lot of spam. Is this something wrong with my system, or something new? I dont recall seeing anything in my logs, until a few days ago (except pvesr junk). Did kern.log always show up in syslog? Thanks,
  3. [SOLVED] [Warning] Latest Patch just broke all my WINDOWS vms. (6.3-4) [Patch Inside] (See #53)

    PVE Manager Version pve-manager/6.3-4/0a38c56f Appears all the network adaptors have been replaced, causing my static ips to no longer be set. … will add more info in a min -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update...
  4. why this? "INFO: scsi0: dirty-bitmap status: disabled (VM not running)"

    Why are backups not not incremental if the VM is offline? Why does it matter if the VM is running or not to perform an incremental backup? Thanks
  5. Um, Why? - "INFO: scsi0: dirty-bitmap status: disabled (VM not running)"

    Everything is working well, except I get this message, when I backup VMs that are not currently online. INFO: scsi0: dirty-bitmap status: disabled (VM not running) Why would this happen? Why does it matter if the VM is on or off.
  6. Proxmox/Ceph/Cache Tiering/Bug?

    I have had a strange issue with Proxmox and Ceph. I have a Tier Storage Pool: Pool_Hot Pool_Warm Everything seems to work just fine, except for the Proxmox GUI. I get the following Error: "RBD error: RBD: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory (500)" When I attempt to view the...
  7. Subscription License Question

    I run a Lab environment in my basement with 6 servers. All running Proxmox/Ceph. This is mostly for fun. I would like to get a subscription for the environment, but cant really afford to get 6 copys of the license. I dont really need any support, I have been able handle every problem...
  8. [SOLVED] Apache2/Nginx load balancing interface

    I read some of the other posts on this, stating that this has been resolved. But I am still having some issues with it. Trying to run the Proxmox's Gui through a load balancer. Nginx or Apache (I've tried both) I pulled this config off the forums, and it works, WITHOUT the "BalanceMember"...


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