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  1. How to monitor Hardware RAID?

    Hi there, I'm using Proxmox 5.1 with a LSI 4-port Raid Controller and of course I can check via cli with megacli how my RAID is doing. However, I need a solution that notifies me right away when a drive fails or SMART values turn bad. Do you have an idea how this is implemented the best way...
  2. SPEC-CTRL what is it?

    As the title says, there is this new flag which one can activate but what does it do and should I enable it? Thanks!
  3. Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    I was wondering the other day... Since I do backups of all my VMs every night, what the best practice would be to backup the main files of the proxmox host itself. Let's say there's a fatal failure on a single node where the drives crash and one has to rebuild the proxmox host on new hardware...
  4. 100% cpu load and stuck in reboot

    Hi there, I yesterday had an issue with a machine of mine. No idea what it is related to. The machine is an Ubuntu 16 LTS and was rebooted via sudo reboot now which then ended in all interfaces going down and the system being stuck at 100% cpu load for hours. It didn't reboot at all and I...
  5. Resize VMdisk and LVM problem

    Hello there, I extended my vdisk with +1GB which worked fine. dmesg saw the capacity change on the guest. Using this guide: I then ran parted and hit print but it didn't prompt the option to fix the disk because of more space being available...
  6. VM Disk usage in VM Overview

    Hi there, just trying to find out what's wrong here with my VM configuration. I'm running a CentOS7 VM with guest agent installed. Disk image is in LVM-thin. There's no display of disk usage in Proxmox VM overview, only "Bootdisk size 512GB" but no graph to see. Is that correct?
  7. Proxmox network config on Hetzner brings iface down

    Hi there, I need your help here... Server is at Hetzner, Proxmox 5.1 using single IPs - no subnet - with MAC adresses. I currently use this interface config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback auto enp0s31f6 iface enp0s31f6 inet static address <serverip> netmask...
  8. How much RAM for ZFS ARC + VMs on Proxmox?

    Hello, I'm currently close to building my new Proxmox rig and since ZFS is a first time for me, I was wondering about the need for RAM in my setup. I will run a 4x480GB SSD setup in RAID10 with ZFS. System memory is 64GB ECC RAM. Now, I will run 3 VMs for a start, needing 24GB, 8GB and 8GB of...
  9. What does "Copies" in ISO Installer mean?

    Hi guys :) One question came up when I installed on a test environment via Proxmox ISO installer... I have 4 harddrives and went for ZFS RAID10. When I click on options, I get to choose the ashift, to activate compression and then there's a field with "copies" where there's 1 as default...
  10. Best setup for 4xSSD RAID10

    Hello community :) I currently plan on using proxmox to build my new virtualization environment. Before I actually rent the server for my project, I want to ask you about the storage possibilities I've got. What I'll order: 4x 480GB DC SSD So question is: What's the best way to build this...


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