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  1. hardware recommendations for larger setup

    Hi, Im considering to build larger PBS with at least 30TB disk space, i just wonder what kind of hardware is recommended for: - 30TB storage with upgrade path to at least 100TB - verify must perform extremely well ( max 12h for all data verify ) - restore should be able to saturate 10G link -...
  2. zfs read performance bottleneck?

    im trying to find out why zfs is pretty slow when it comes to read performance, i have been testing with different systems, disks and seetings testing directly on the disk im able to achieve some reasonable numbers not far away from specsheet => 400-650k IOPS (p4510 and some samsung based HPE)...
  3. [SOLVED] Cluster over WAN

    hello, how critical is it if few nodes of 20 node cluster is located on a remote site with 10 up to 20 ms latency? there is no HA or shared storage involved. will it work? are there some considerations? like live migration? (used rarely) thank you. phil
  4. [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster and SAN Storage

    Hello Proxmox Staff, What are offical recommendetions for SAN Storage? if i look at then the only option is LVM but it dosnt offer snapshots, is there any other solution with block level and snapshots on FC LUN ? br phil
  5. [SOLVED] Update ve5 to ve6

    Hello Proxmox Staff, im currently managing proxmox ve 5 cluster with 20 nodes without shared storage, currently im in process of adding another 4 nodes. im also thinking about moving to ve 6.2, i estimate that moving all vms will take up to 4 weeks (offline move with maintenance window)...
  6. Proxmox Backup Server and Client

    hallo, can you disclose some info what we can expect? br phil
  7. [SOLVED] pve 6.1 iso issue

    hello, there is something wrong, my problem is that i cant boot from the iso, problem might be actually somewhere else, but the download file size differs greatly from older iso and from the description and sha256 seems to be invalid too please check this and can you please also provide...
  8. Opinion on Proxmox/Storage setup

    hello, i have a non-standard requirement for storage solution with virtualization, requirements: - 200tb usable space storage space - hypervisor i have been thinking to get some hp/dell box, with local ssd raid1 or r5 for proxmox and disk for VM OS, at least 256gb of ram, 2x 8core cpus, dual...
  9. v6 cluster size

    hello, our current cluster is getting bigger and bigger, currently 17 nodes, i wonder what is the maximum and recommended cluster size with v6.1 and unicast? no HA and only local storage used. thank you br


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