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  1. tom

    [SOLVED] Update 6.3-2 auf 6.4

  2. tom

    Error 500 or 596 if resizing a disk shortly after a clone

    Please stop posting empty message with no additional information. And use suitable hardware for your testing (not a notebook)
  3. tom

    Spam Score

    I just did a short calculation of your test results, looks ok for me. 0,2490 1,0480 0,0010 0,1000 2,4300 1,7290 0,9720 1,9480 2,0000 2,9900 13,4670
  4. tom

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 virtio

    Glaube nicht, das Problem gibts auch mit e1000. Als Microsoft Kunde mit deutscher ISO würde ich mal bei Microsoft nachfragen.
  5. tom

    Fresh Windows 10 install stuck loading Redhat VirtIO network

    Please post your: > pveversion -v and: > qm config VMID and your physical hardware (CPU and Mainboard)
  6. tom

    Proxmox backup Server lack of Training material

    Documentation can always be better and we do our best to improve this day by day. There are already countless tutorials in the web from our community, e.g. on youtube for Proxmox VE and you will see more and more for Proxmox Backup Server the upcoming years. If you mention VMware or Hyper-V...
  7. tom

    Issue with upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1

    never run this command, you can break your host. See
  8. tom

    Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Do you run already latest kernel - pve-kernel-5.13.19-1-pve: 5.13.19-3 , released yesterday? In any case, please provide the following: - pveversion -v - qm config VMID - information about your hardware (CPU and Mainboard, is your mainboard bios up2date?)
  9. tom

    [SOLVED] Best FS for Snapshots / Migration / Cloning

    You did not mention replication in your first post. => If you need storage replication, ZFS is the way to go (and the only option)
  10. tom

    [SOLVED] Best FS for Snapshots / Migration / Cloning

  11. tom

    PBS Anfänger fragen

    Weder noch, beide Varianten sind sehr/zu langsam. Beim Proxmox Backup Server sollten nur lokal installiertes Storage verwendet werden, und hier auch nur SSDs/NVMe. Siehe auch:
  12. tom

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 R2 VM not starting after PVE upgrade 6 to 7

    Please update your mainboard bios to latest version, is there an update available? (We got reports that this can fix issues like this too)
  13. tom

    Issue with upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1

    Please post the full output of: > apt update
  14. tom

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 R2 VM not starting after PVE upgrade 6 to 7

    thanks for feedback. please follow this as a workaround:
  15. tom

    Proxmox installation stuck on 3% "Creating LV's" PLEASE HELP GUYS

    This is not normal, on modern hardware the installation is done in full in a few minutes.
  16. tom

    PBS Anfänger fragen

    Willkommen im Forum! Ein guter Start: Die Doku lesen. und: (mit Google Browser oder ähnlichem kann man die auch in Deutsch lesen, wenn nötig). Wenn Fragen offen bleiben, im Forum suchen, wenn noch immer...
  17. tom

    Getting error when upgrading proxmox v 6.x to v7.X

    You cannot mix bullseye with buster. I really suggest again to read the upgrade guide in full detail.
  18. tom

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 R2 VM not starting after PVE upgrade 6 to 7

    Only a possible workaround for a network device issue if your run a German Version of Windows.
  19. tom

    Getting error when upgrading proxmox v 6.x to v7.X

    If you see an error, please post the full error log and the full output of the commands.
  20. tom

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 R2 VM not starting after PVE upgrade 6 to 7

    Please test and report back. Generally, we always recommend to use VirtIO SCSI for virtual disk (not SATA). See Why did you changed the machine type? Do you run a German version?


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