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  1. dcsapak

    PVE 7.1 Cant login for web gui

    hi, a colleague and I tested various versions (6.4, 7.0, 7.1, etc.) and it behaved always like this maybe you are confusing it with pmg? because in pmg, there is no realm selector...
  2. dcsapak

    PVE7, Shutdown/Reboot kein Consolen Log.

    das ist das 'quiet' von der grub config. ist allerdings hier schon bei buster so?
  3. dcsapak

    WebAuthn registration failed

    yes that makes definitely sense
  4. dcsapak

    PVE 7.1 Cant login for web gui

    did you enter 'root@pam' in the username field? if yes, that is not correct, only root and select the correct realm.. if not, how exactly is your login configured (u2f/webauth/.. ?)
  5. dcsapak

    WebAuthn registration failed

    AFAIK, you must remove the origin from the datacenter.cfg ( since each host hast its own origin) and the rp must be a suffix domain e.g. for 'pve1.x.y' and 'pve2.x.y' the rp should be 'x.y'
  6. dcsapak

    CLI qm utf8 output

    mhmm.. would you mind opening a bug report on ? not sure if we can fix this for all (since we actually cannot know what encoding the guest agent uses) but we can look into it
  7. dcsapak

    Fresh Windows 10 install stuck loading Redhat VirtIO network

    do you by any chance use the german (or another non-english) version of the windows iso ? if yes, there is currently a problem that can be fixed by using the english iso and installing the language pack maybe its a similar problem? see here ...
  8. dcsapak

    PVE7, Shutdown/Reboot kein Consolen Log.

    wird die boot grafikkarte vielleicht an eine vm durchgereicht oder ähnliches?
  9. dcsapak

    Active Directory Sync - user & group filter format?

    for the format, checkout 'pveum help realm modify' but i think the problem is a different one can you post the output of 'pveversion -v' ?
  10. dcsapak

    PVE 7.1 Cant login for web gui

    can you post your journal/syslog during a failed login? as well as your /etc/pve/domains.cfg ? not a general one since for most users it seems to work...
  11. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] ZFS-Pool wird nicht importiert - mal wieder-

    ist der pool nach dem boot dann importiert (von dem output sieht es danach aus?) vielleicht triggert das service nur ein bisschen zu früh (was sagt denn systemctl cat zfs-import@vmfs.service ?) was genau heißt 'Dann ging nichts mehr.' ? bootet das system? funktioniert ssh? webui? (wenn nein...
  12. dcsapak

    Proxmox Backup Server can separate VM ?

    there is currently no 'per group' prune settings. if you need that you either need to prune manually each group or prune from only the pve side and have that vm on a different backup job
  13. dcsapak

    Restore Problem

    mhmm... kannst du vllt. den ganzen task log posten?
  14. dcsapak

    Fehlermeldung: novnc failed to connect to server

    sieht nach dem relevanten fehler aus kannst du mal die vm config posten und was das für ein host ist ? (cpu/memory/etc.)
  15. dcsapak

    Restore Problem

    wie sieht denn der task log auf pve seite aus?
  16. dcsapak

    backup schedule: schedule: invalid format

    for that you have to give the times manually: 'mon..fri 7,9,11,13,15,17:00'
  17. dcsapak

    backup schedule: schedule: invalid format

    you can only give one 'time' part per schedule so having 7..18:00 */2:00 ist no going to work what schedule do you want to achieve?
  18. dcsapak

    Just a suggestion

    pmg already notifies you about spam the following day with a 'quarantine report', so no need to monitor it?
  19. dcsapak

    Installing Nvidia drivers trying to remove proxmox-ve packages?

    i believe the issue here is the package 'firmware-misc-nonfree' we alraedy include most firmwares in 'pve-firmware' anyway so that package should not be necessary
  20. dcsapak

    Fehlermeldung: novnc failed to connect to server

    dann poste doch mal bitte das syslog/journal von während der installation.. vielleicht sieht man dort was..


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