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  1. Docker support in Proxmox

    You can at least use cloudinit data from snippets, which can be edited through the webinterface.
  2. [SOLVED] Wireguard in LXC (Debian 10)

    You need to install the module on the host, not in the lxc. Example:
  3. Installation from PXE: "the initrd is too big"

    Hm, okay. I'm only using ipxe (as recommended in the README), both for legacy and uefi systems without any errors.
  4. [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough + Ubuntu/Mint Guest + xRDP with hw acceleration

    You might want to have a look at
  5. cloud-init is configured with hardcoded manage_etc_hosts: true

    You can use your own custom cloud init files:
  6. Docker support in Proxmox

    As I struggled to create a docker machine driver myself, I came up with another idea which I'm using right now to easily bootstrap docker in KVMs: Probably the concept will work for @LnxBil driver too if he finds some time ;)
  7. CPU Lockup on 5.4 Kernel

    I don't think so, my servers are all running on ZFS with multiple VM's on this kernel. Is your ZFS running on hard disks or SSDs?
  8. CPU Lockup on 5.4 Kernel

    Does it work with the previous kernel? Probably related to C-States: Got a EPYC 7351P w/ 128GB Memory running the kernel since 22 days without any issues.
  9. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    Also on my home lab (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220L V2, 16GB RAM)
  10. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    Also running cluster of 3 mixed nodes (ZFS) without any problems since the first release. - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 w/ 32GB RAM - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v5 w/ 64GB RAM - AMD EPYC 7351P 16-Core Processor w/ 128GB RAM
  11. Creating snippets using PVE API

    Added another +1 to the feature request ;) I'm working on some kind of proxmox driver for misc. workloads to bootstrap cloud init vm's without a hassle (e.g. CI Pipelines, ...) in and currently i'm using a workaround using S3 server to upload...
  12. Cloud-Init user-data

    This one helped me a lot:
  13. Unable to use api_user and api_password from Ansible's Proxmox module

    tracking here:
  14. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    Naaaaah, all of the links are just for showing how it would look like, they do not exist ;) You might try these: stage2: repo: Also you need to provide the kickstart...
  15. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    The Ansible code in the pve-infra-poc sets up Cloud-Init settings via the ipconfig string (with the patched The network section is parsed for Preseed/Kickstart templates only.
  16. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    Already exists in upstream proxmoxer module: pip install -U git+
  17. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    Good catch, will have a look
  18. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    As i'm using this module a lot, i was co-authoring it and meanwhile we've found something (which was my first impression anyways ;)): It's just the storage which does not exists. We used qm create with all the options to debug further: qm create 134 --scsi0...
  19. Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    Ansible Lookups ( are fetching data from a file, in this case the template defined in the key template: (e.g. template: 'deploy-args-ubuntu.j2'). Does the file or the proper config key exist? And as i guess this...
  20. ZFS auto snapshots

    in 2015, there was no pve-zsync yet ;) Of course, today you should use it.


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