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  1. Permission denied for a user writing to a mounted share in a CT, but not root.

    I am running PVE 5.4-11 on a r720xd configured with two containers. One is TKL File Server (100) which is configured with several cifs shares. Those shares are accessible and writable on numerous PCs on the LAN. I have TKL Syncthing (101) installed as the second container. I am attempting to...
  2. Can a PVE container access ZFS subvol of another container?

    Can a PVE container access ZFS subvol of another container? I am trying to setup TKL Syncthing on a r720xd server running Proxmox VE 5.4-11. I have the Syncthing CT installed and running. On the same PVE I also have a TKL File Server CT running. On the r720xd, I have a ZFS pool created, which...
  3. [SOLVED] ZFS unmounts after reboot - and proposed fix

    Greetings Forum: I am running PVE 5.4-11 on a r720xd with a single CT for testing: TKL File Server. I noticed while copying files from another NAS to the TKL File Server CT from a Win client on the LAN that the shares would strangely become unavailable. After a little digging and research in...
  4. Help configurig PVE and Turnkey fileserver to share ZFS pool

    Seeking help configuring PVE 5.1-11 running on a R720xd to allow Turnkey Linux fileserver to share a ZFS pool created from within PVE CLI. Problem: Turnkey appears to share its local CT drive, not the ZFS pool created on the R720xd. Steps taken: Created a ZFS pool r720xd1 using 4x 3 TiB SAS...
  5. PROXMOX on R720xd - Home Server Build - Looking for suggestions

    Greetings Forum: I'm new to PROXMOX. I have been experimenting with PROXMOX on a Dell R720xd, a H710 HBA flashed to IT mode, an internal PMR79 Dual SD Card module to store the OS, numerous 3TiB SAS drives, and 128GiB of ECC RAM. I run one QNAP NAS box for file storage, a media server (Plex...


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