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  1. build pve kernel parallel

    How do you build pve kernel in parallel? The -j flag on make ist completly ignored and building the kernel on a low clocked 32core epyc takes like forever (but well, could use 64 threads instead, which should speedup build times enormously)
  2. remove not available intel cpu flags on amd cpu

    There seems to be an "older" bug in pve - when I enable kvm_amd avic, proxmox would add x2apic flag to and EPIC cpu (which is and intel cpu flag, so no wonder it cannot work) More information: I could fix this by my own, so please link me to...
  3. enable multiqueue virtio nics

    According to this: due the lack of ethtool, how would I enable Multiqueue on virtio nics on Windows, and BSD (OPNsense)?
  4. proxmox5 kernel config

    You mentioned here that PINCTRL_AMD will be disabled, but it's not. Neither in 4.10.1-2-pve nor in 4.10.5-1-pve, so I alwas have to compile the kernel by my own, but this kinda sucks. Could you please change this parameter in your kernel config?
  5. pve-zsync broken

    pve-zsync gives me following error: pve-zsync sync --source 101 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 2 --name test101 --limit 512000 Vm include no disk on zfs. zfs list | grep vm-101 rpool/data/vm-101-disk-1 1.98G 632G 1.98G - cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/101.conf...
  6. x86/CPU/AMD: Fix Zen SMT topology

    Was this patch already backported to pve kernel? If not, will it be in future? Regards
  7. proxmox on sdcard

    Hi, I want to try installing proxmox on sdcard. Because of the lesser lifetime of sdcards compared to HDDs or SSDs I want to make as less writes on it as possible, so I'm thinking of setting mountpoints of /var and /tmp to other disks. Any other directories which should be mounted somewhere...
  8. zfs sector size on proxmox installation

    Hi, how can I set a different sector size for zfs on proxmox installation? As I read somewhere it's always set to ashift=12 aka 4k blocksize. I want to set it to 8k (ashift=13) and on another node to 32k (ashift=15?).
  9. exclude zfs cache from ksm

    Hi, I noticed that while there is heavy load on file transmitions on zfs (like restoring a VM) the ksm process is slowing down the whole system heavily. I reserved 35GB RAM for zfs, and forsure it's the task of ksm to scan the memory pages, but it should not scan the zfs mem-cache-pages. Any...
  10. pve-qemu-kvm 2.7

    Hi, I'm wondering when pve-qemu-kvm 2.7 will be released? Are there made any changes to the qemu source at all? So if not, could i just build and use it? I'm asking cause in 2.7 there were some changes included which lets me passthrough...
  11. PCIe passthrough does not work

    Workaround: Install Debian Jessie Add Proxmox Repositories as per wiki Set Debian Kernel 3.16 as default (or select it during boot in grub menu) Enable PCIE Passthrough as per wiki Use OMVF instead...


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