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  1. storage freezes , kvm , fsck needed to boot Title to be fixed later

    we are running into what looks like a storage bug. I know that we have to supply quite a bit more information then will be in this 1ST post. yesterday our most important order entry system had these symptoms: 1- could ssh in 2- could not access data files . we use cisam data base and the...
  2. bulk migration - is there a way to make local disk migration by default disabled?

    that would be a useful switch to have at data center > options
  3. [SOLVED] lxc upgrade to bullseye trouble

    hello, while doing apt dist-upgrade to bullseye we have seen upgrades get stuck at this point: Installing new version of config file /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ... Installing new version of config file /etc/systemd/system.conf ... Installing new version of config file /etc/systemd/user.conf...
  4. slow migrations

    Hello I am seeing slower migrations with pve7 then pve6 . We do have a network issue that I have been trying to track down over the last week, which is probably the cause. However I wanted to see if others have noticed slower migrations. thank you for reading this.
  5. [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-client --exclude question

    Hello i am trying to get -exclude to work. we do not want to put a .pxarexclude at each system proxmox-backup-client backup etc.pxar:/etc home.pxar:/home --exclude home/*/.cache:home/*/.thunderbird/*/ImapMail I've tried a few different ways over the last hour. each time i see: warning...
  6. [SOLVED] how to move pbs to new hardware

    Hello we are moving pbs to new hardware. zpools / zfs have been set up with same names rsync of datastore is in progress and will take some hours. for configuration , besides /etc/proxmox-backup/ is there anything else that needs to be copied over?
  7. [SOLVED] pve 6 to 7 and ceph-common issue

    I saw someone post similar in the German forum --- attempting upgrade from 6.4 to 7: apt dist-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Error! Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have...
  8. [SOLVED] file system choice for pbs on hardware

    Hello, we are considering moving pbs to a raid-10 zpool using six 4-TB nvme disks. i was searching threads on best file system type to use and saw concerns regarding zfs. however I can not see a more reliable way then raid-10 zfs. does anyone have another idea to consider ?
  9. [SOLVED] osd remove after node died

    Hello I know there is a cli way that we did 4-5 years ago to remove left over osd's , mons etc that show as out from an abruptly dead node. is there a newer way or is dump/edit/restore ceph config still the way to do so? we use pve 6.4 and ceph-octopus thanks
  10. [SOLVED] replacing server hardware and moving zfs disks issue

    Hello I searched I think i saw a this issue reported before we are replacing server hardware but moving over storage to new systems. the 1st system had a single disk ext4 pve system and all went well. the next one has zfs raid-1 . and will not boot. instead a uefi shell appears.. could...
  11. [SOLVED] is garbage collection needed on a remote sync system?

    our remotes have much more disk usage [ 2x approx] then the source pbs system. so i am running garbage collect for the 1ST time. AFAIK the syncs have always been set to 'Remove Vanished' . How ever we have had some wrong configurations in the past , so i assume our issue with higher...
  12. ceph update procedure

    In another ceph thread: we want to be as cautions as possible on ceph cluster upgrades. this is how we currently do ceph upgrades , and I am not sure that it is cautious enough. please advise 1- do mon systems 1st 2- restart services by systemctl try-reload-or-restart...
  13. [SOLVED] turnkey repo

    can someone point me to how to add turnkey templates to shared storage?
  14. GET /download: 404 Not Found: open file ... client.log.blob" failed - not found

    I have two remote pbs systems that syncs are sent to. one is taking 10 times longer to complete . internet connection speeds are 50MB+ for other downloads.. so connection speed is not the cause of slowness. at the end of a transfer I noticed an error with client.log.blob missing. could...
  15. [SOLVED] pfsense and vlans

    Hello I have a testing pfsense vm running as a kvm. The issue we have is that the pfsense kvm is not reachable on lan from other then one vlan. so from workstations on a different vlan - pf can not be reached using http or ssh. all other linux vm's are reachable. it runs on this...
  16. Is it possible to apply a value into the 802.1p field

    we want prioritize network traffic at our switch . it uses cumulus linux and can prioritize traffic based on 802.1q . that way from the KVM phone system just voip / voice would get a different value then rsync backups. coming from pve , backups would get a lower value then other types of...
  17. [SOLVED] pfsense on a pve cluster

    Hello, I am looking at this: we have a 7 node cluster. the nodes connect to a pair of cumulus linux switches using LACP . there is a bridge at switches with bonds and switch-ports assigned...
  18. [SOLVED] issue with one vlan

    we have a vlan that has connection issues a couple of times per week. vlan 3 has most of our server vm's like ldap, dhcp, nextcloud and 20 others. we can run traceroute to all vlans addresses except vlan 3 . examples next: # vlan 3 # traceroute mail traceroute to mail (, 30 hops...
  19. PVE + Cumulus Linux network configuration

    Hello, we have a pair of Mellanox model sn2700 on order with Cumulus linux on order. We'll be replacing a a stack of netgear m5300 . In advance I am researching how to configure pve + the switches. we have a 7 node cluster . each node is: - running 4 ceph nvme osd's , 5-6 vm's and...
  20. how to restart ceph

    in a few days I've a setting to change in ceph.conf . to apply ceph.conf changes, which services need a restart ?


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