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  1. Pve cluster and GUI

    I had the same problem with the old version, I settled with my previous suggestion. I advise you to save your vms and reinstalle a new installation, with the new version and restore them. I have created several clusters on dozens of physical machines and it works very well. I can even give you...
  2. Pve cluster and GUI

    Why not migrate directly to version 6? With the new version of corosync (no more problem on multicast or unicast ). Look corosync3 and Kronosnet. Merci.
  3. Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

    Good Job. It is missing just ceph mgr2 dashboard on port 8443 for now. Thank's.
  4. Increase pg_num on running ceph pool

    #ceph osd lspools #ceph osd pool get <your-ceph-storage> pg_num and to change it : #ceph osd pool set <your-ceph-storage> pg_num <new-number>
  5. Pve cluster and GUI

    try a gain with -force : #pvecm add ip_node1 -ring0_addr-node3 -force
  6. REPOSITORY to test PVE6?

    Hi, I see that most modules are migrated to BUSTER for pve6. Is there a repository to configure, to migrate and do test? Thank's.
  7. PVE 5.4 : Problem with Shell xtermjs

    Solved : I's just a bug for firefox 66.0.3 ( Certificats...) Thank's. Moula.
  8. Link Howto "French" to deploy cluster PMG

    Bonjour, Pour les Francophones : Thank's for Nicolas. Moula.
  9. PVE 5.4 : Problem with Shell xtermjs

    Thank's Dominik, I have pointed that this is only done with a connection from the outside ( wan with Let'sencrypte certifcat). The setting of my browser does not change. It's always the same whether it's for a connection internally or from wan. Merci.
  10. PVE 5.4 : Problem with Shell xtermjs

    I do not see anything, it's too small. look at my pictures.
  11. PVE 5.4 : Problem with Shell xtermjs

    Hello, I can not use the shell xterjms if my connection it's from outside. problem Just with firefox, no problem with chromium. Thank's.
  12. PVE 5.4 & PMG 5.2

    For francophones, it speaks of the new version here : Thank's.
  13. New 2FA on 5.4

    The new authentication module in 5.4 is top. It's a good vintage. Merci wolf.
  14. PVE5.4 & Problem HA at Reboot.

    Thank's Tom, I will see this in order to modifie the configuration. I think it's better that it migrates on the other server whatever the reason. Badji.
  15. PVE5.4 & Problem HA at Reboot.

    VM or CT in HA works well when the node is off. It migrates to another server in the cluster. But as soon as it's reboot and the server never reboots for x-reasons, the VM or CT never restart! Merci.
  16. Proxmox VE 5.4 released!

    Merci à toute l'équipe. C'est un bon cru. Congratulations.

    The images of my POC with several open-source projects, it just misses the GPUs.
  18. Bug : Cephfs -mgr in ceph 12.2.11

    Bonjour, After restarting all my servers, CephFS on MGR is displayed very well.
  19. Bug : Cephfs -mgr in ceph 12.2.11

    The migration worked well!!!


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