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  1. LMTP in PMG

    I saw your patches on Bugzilla. Cool stuff! Exactly what I need.
  2. Invalid CIDR, but it's not

    Um, why would I not want this? I want my entire IPv6-only DMZ to be able to send mail.
  3. LMTP in PMG

    Is it possible to let PMG deliver mail with inet LMTP? I have a Dovecot box with Dovecot submission, meaning I don't need an MTA for anything other than LMTP.
  4. Invalid CIDR, but it's not

    Why does Proxmox Mail Gateway think this is an invalid CIDR (it's not)?
  5. '1' in /etc/pmg/domains

    In `/etc/pmg/domains`, a '1' is added to the end of the line. However, this is not referenced anywhere in the Postfix docs regarding `relay_domains`. What does this '1' mean?
  6. Limit outgoing mail (x mails per IP per month)

    I am going to limit outgoing mail per IP per month. I tested with postfwd2, which it supposed to be quite nice, but it's conflicting with `pmgpolicy`. What are other PMG users' setups to achieve this?
  7. "Relay Domains" vs. "Transports"

    Clear. I only just now figured out these settings fill Postfix's config options `relay_domains` and `transport_maps`, so it makes sense.
  8. "Use MX" checkbox under "Transports"

    Sorry for being unclear. I don't have just one mail server. I have about 30. I mean each customer domain has just 2 MX records (the primary one and fallback). I will put PMG in front of the actual mail server, so I don't have ClamAV eating resources everywhere.
  9. "Use MX" checkbox under "Transports"

    Ah, ok. In conclusion: I have only one mail server to deliver mail to and just 2 MX record (2nd is fallback), so I could just as well not tick "Use MX"?
  10. "Use MX" checkbox under "Transports"

    Sorry, I really do not understand. If I check "Use MX", you say the MX record for the domain is used. Used for what? Delivering mail to? If so, why would I have to input a host?
  11. "Relay Domains" vs. "Transports"

    Ok, so should I add domains to both or just "Transports"?
  12. "Use MX" checkbox under "Transports"

    So if I check "Use MX" and leave 'Host' empty, mail would arrive on the mail server in the MX record? If so, why would I leave it checked when entering a host? Edit: seems like I cannot leave 'Host' empty.
  13. "Relay Domains" vs. "Transports"

    Should I add domains to both "Relay Domains" and "Transports"? As far as I can tell, domains should be added to relay domains and to transports to specify the destination mail server. However, that seems a bit redundant to me.
  14. "Use MX" checkbox under "Transports"

    There is a checkbox called "Use MX" under "Transports" (when adding or editing a domain name). I cannot find the meaning of this checkbox anywhere, not in the admin guide either. Dialog under Transports What does this checkbox do?
  15. Host-specific configurations in custom templates

    I got it to work with IF/ELSIF like you advised. Thank you!
  16. Host-specific configurations in custom templates

    That is definitely useful. I didn't think of that yet. Do you mean something like this? [%- IF dns.hostname == 'mgw0-0' -%] IP stuff for mgw0-1 [%- ELSE %] [%- IF dns.hostname == 'mgw0-1' -%] IP stuff for mgw0-1 [%- ELSE %] I do not see any option to do elseif (like `[%- ELSEIF -%]`), is...
  17. Host-specific configurations in custom templates

    Thanks for the response. I am using a randmap to distribute mail across multiple IPs. If this is the same on all cluster nodes, I would have to put the same IP on multiple servers... It looks like this:
  18. Host-specific configurations in custom templates

    Hello, I have a PMG cluster with two hosts. I need to add a Postfix configuration option with different values on both hosts (in /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/ I cannot use any variables provided by PMG for this. When I change the template on host A and host B and `pmgconfig...
  19. Restrict user to viewing outbound mail logs for own domains

    Hi, Is there any (commercial) application that allows me to do the following? I need users to: Login to PMG; See outbound mail logs for their own domains So, if I have a user called 'dieter' and assign them the domains '' and '', they should be able to login and see...
  20. PMG behind HAProxy with postscreen

    What do you want to see? It's a PMG install with no modifications (well, I added trusted networks) and the most basic HAProxy setup. This is not for inbound mail.


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