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  1. Replication between clusters/datacenters

    hi there, thanks for your fast and clear answer. Well my SANs are hyper-converged ones, a Huawei Oceanstor, it also can work as file server (NFS, Samba) and block level and the other one is a EMC2 VNXe, also a hyper-converged. I could connect both as a NAS devices, so each one could see the...
  2. Replication between clusters/datacenters

    hi there. I have 2 CPD in different buildings, connected with 10Gb Fibber, 1 is the production the 2 is the backup disaster recovery. how could I replicate every x time from production CPD VM to the Disaster Recovery CPD ? Both configuration is similar, 3 servers and 1 SAN storage. thank you !
  3. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    Do you know when its going to be done ? Thanks !
  4. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    Does it have multi datacenter GUI ?
  5. Ceph how to ? scenario

    thanks for your answers. I now the fundamentals of Cehp but may be I have not correctly made my questions. In my scenario 2 CPD, 3 servers with SAN storage at 10 Gb/s each. how should I use ceph ? as I have 1 SAN and 3 servers and in another building another san and 3 more servers, connected...
  6. Ceph how to ? scenario

    hi there. I read everywhere about Ceph, I understand what's the meaning of it, but I don't know how to use it. for example, I have 2 CPD, 3 servers and a SAN storage in each. and also both CPD are connected with 10GbE could I use ceph in this scenario ? if not, could you tell me a typical...
  7. zfs over iscsi huawei oceanstor

    hello everyone. I'm testing our new storare, an huawei oceanstor 2600 V3. just trying some combinations. just published a iSCSI LUN and connected to proxmox, it seems that is OK, but when trying to move VM from NFS to iSCSI it throws and error, if searched on the forum and it says that is...
  8. Multi datacenter view.

    hi there, I forgot to say that we also have a NAS server (a synology). Both clusters will share folders there.
  9. Multi datacenter view.

    hi, do you know if I can do that between SAN environments ? I like to have 2 separated CPD with 3 hosts with SAN each. by the way, I spend last weekend developing an script that copies from the backup storage to the develop CPD, and also I have implemented a retention system. so when restored I...
  10. Testing HA with 5.3

    hi gosha. thanks for your contribution. the hypervisor that we're using right now is Xenserver. really appreciate the description about how the HA works, indeed the last weekend I spend a lot of time learning that and is exactly the way you have described. thanks! once thing that I really...
  11. Multi datacenter view.

    hi there. it's been a while since I tested again proxmox, really like this new version 5.3 just a question : I want to have 2 physical separate CPD with 3 hosts and a SAN each. could be possible to have in the same GUI interface both datacenters ? another one, which is the easiest way to...
  12. Testing HA with 5.3

    hi there. well, we want to have 2 physical separated CPD for security reasons. for example unfortunately this week we have had a disaster situation, everything was lost, still don't know why, but we have lost a host (OS failure) and all the VMs, yes all of them. So, in this situation if I have...
  13. Testing HA with 5.3

    ok. thank you. for example, if I have this 3 nodes down, I can use "pvecm expected 1" on the 2 remaining to wake up all the VM and CT ? I studying as much as I can proxmox because i want to migrate from xenserver to another hypervisor and I'm trying to find the best option that fits to us...
  14. Testing HA with 5.3

    hi thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay, pretty busy here :( question, if I have 5 hosts, and 3 go down, the HA will not work with the 2 remaining hosts ? yes I tried"pvecm expected 1" and it works, but I have to read more to understand how does proxmox works in this situations, I'm used...
  15. Testing HA with 5.3

    I have 3 hosts,if one is stopped in 2-3 minutes I can see the VM that host was holding, starts on another host. but when there is only 1 host remaining it does not wake up the VMs that were on. I realised that "pvecm expected 1" makes the VMs start. *cluster information says that every node...
  16. Proxmox VE is 10 years old!

    Congratulations ! I started to "play" with proxmox with version 2 !
  17. novnc. questions.

    ok. thank you !
  18. novnc. questions.

    Thank you very much. What about making thinner the tool bar ?
  19. novnc. questions.

    First, I'm glad to see novnc working here, it's really fast. Doubts : when I open an novnc terminal, I can copy the URL, and open from another place the same machine, is it a security risk ? I mean, someone could try to open remotely the MV terminals ? Second one, its possible to resize the...
  20. Backup

    aha. ok I wasn't understanding that because we don't have VM clients. We are the sysadmins of the systems surrounded by users. so, by now, the spreadsheet is the option, until added the option of description in proxmox. than you


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