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  1. William Edwards

    Incremental message for PBS backup

    When creating a backup of a VM not previously backed up to PBS, 'backup was done incrementally' is almost always shown: INFO: backup is sparse: 2.83 GiB (1%) total zero data INFO: backup was done incrementally, reused 4.91 GiB (2%) I take it 'incremental' means space was 'reused' as the backup...
  2. William Edwards

    DKIM with SRS

    It has caught my attention that rewritten addresses with SRS are not signed with DKIM, because PMG looks at the domain after @ instead of the rewritten domain: not DKIM signing mail from So in this case, email from is signed with...
  3. William Edwards

    Spam filter rules decimals

    Is it possible to use decimals for 'Spam Filter' rules? I have a *lot* of spam emails that have a spam level of 1.9 ...
  4. William Edwards

    Add DKIM domains from CLI

    What is the correct way to add DKIM domains from CLI? Or can we simply write to `/etc/pmg/master/dkim/domains` and run `pmgconfig sync`?
  5. William Edwards

    Published proxmox-resource-distributor

    I just published a (very basic) Python program called `proxmox-resource-distributor` on PyPI. It'll try to run resources in a Proxmox pool on as many different nodes in as many different failure domains as possible. Our use case is spreading VMs providing the same service redundantly over...
  6. William Edwards

    Remove DKIM selector

    How should a DKIM selector be removed? (Doesn't seem to be documented :) )
  7. William Edwards

    pmgtunnel cannot use -L

    I'm seeing this on my cluster nodes: Nov 2 17:35:14 mgw0-1 sshd[14200]: Received request to connect to path /var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432, but the request was denied. I copied the default `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` from a default Proxmox Mail Gateway ISO install, but I'm still seeing this...
  8. William Edwards

    unable to connect to localhost at port 10025

    Postfix is listening on port 10025: root@mxfilter0-1:/usr/share/perl5# netstat -tulpn | grep 25 tcp 0 0* LISTEN 8056/master But seeing this in mail log: Oct 29 11:44:29 mxfilter0-1 pmg-smtp-filter[5196]: unable to connect to...
  9. William Edwards

    Install Ceph on Proxmox cluster node

    Assuming an existing Proxmox cluster with node1, node2, node3 and node4: node1, node2 and node3 are used as Ceph monitors, managers, MDSes and OSD nodes. node4 is already in the Proxmox cluster, but is only used as a 'compute' node; pveceph is not installed. So: node1 to node4 are in the...
  10. William Edwards

    SPF check for relayed mail

    When using PMG as an SMTP relay, I want the SPF check to be skipped for mail offered to the internal SMTP port; only the PMG servers are specified in SPF records, not the internal host using the PMG smarthost. I can of course add custom SpamAssassin rules for this, but before I do that, I'd...
  11. William Edwards

    [SOLVED] IPv6 connectivity issues

    I have the following setup: Traffic from VMs is routed through router VM Traffic to VMs is routed through router VM Two days ago, I started seeing packet loss on IPv6 traffic from VMs to the router VM and the other way around. This started after rebooting the router VM. It seems like...
  12. William Edwards

    Add default repository

    For the sake of testing, I configured a Proxmox Backup Server instance and installed the `proxmox-backup-client` on a Debian machine. Now, I'd need to add the Debian client to my Proxmox Backup Server instance. I specified a repository when logging in, but when I do not specify repository...
  13. William Edwards

    Confusion regarding trunking with 'VLAN aware'

    Goal Be able to specify vLANs in two places: Inside guest OS VM NIC in Proxmox Actions taken Enabled 'VLAN aware' on one node. Expected results On the node where 'VLAN aware' is enabled on the bridge, I am able to join the same vLAN regardless of whether it is configured inside the guest...
  14. William Edwards

    [SOLVED] OOMs and soft lockups while enough RAM and CPU is available

    Problem description Tonight, one of my VMs started having issues: %sys increased CPU steal increased Finally, the VM froze with this message: Aug 8 03:37:51 x kernel: [28047588.295379] NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 23s! [lvectl:1511420] (CPU# would differ - not just CPU#1)...
  15. William Edwards

    Ability to use vLAN tag on other bridge than already configured bridge

    Situation: I have five bridges. Each bridge is used for a different vLAN. The vLAN is specified on the bridge ports. I want to replace these vLAN-specific bridges by one bridge, where I will set the vLAN tag on VM NICs instead of the bridge itself. Problem: to prevent downtime, I will update...
  16. William Edwards

    'bridge_vlan_aware' requires reboot to take effect

    Hello, I enabled "VLAN aware" ('bridge_vlan_aware') on a bridge within Proxmox. I then clicked "Apply Configuration" for the configuration to be applied with `ifupdown2`. I would expect `bridge_vlan_aware` to be enabled, but `bridge_vlan_aware` is not enabled until after rebooting the Proxmox...
  17. William Edwards

    [SOLVED] Fingerprint suddenly not valid

    Both my PMG clusters are in a 'strange' state. I have two completely separate PMG clusters and they are both complaining about the same fingerprint: fingerprint 'C2:DB:59:C8:1F:C4:C4:8E:50:1D:6F:9C:4B:B1:4F:CF:8A:B5:9B:BA:46:78:E4:EB:B5:5E:38:AC:62:90:7D:9A' not verified, abort! I do not know...
  18. William Edwards

    Proxmox tries to start VM with incorrect 'smp' value after creation with API

    Issue: When creating a VM with Proxmox API, I get the error "kvm: maxcpus must be equal to or greater than smp" on startup. The startup command contains `-smp '4,sockets=1,cores=1,maxcpus=1'`, but these values differ from processor configuration: Values I am passing to API: cores = 6, vcpus...
  19. William Edwards

    File system in VM

    I am trying to decide between using XFS or EXT4 inside KVM VMs. My goal is not to over-optimise in an early stage, but I want to make an informed file system decision and stick with that. Situation: Ceph as backend storage SSD storage Writeback cache on VM disk No LVM inside VM CloudLinux 7...
  20. William Edwards

    Master stuck in 'syncing' state

    I just migrated a cluster to another vLAN by swapping NICs and changing cluster IPs in `/etc/hosts` and `/etc/pmg/cluster.conf`. Everything seems to be ok, except the master is stuck in 'syncing' state. This seems to be due to 'pmgmirror' database sync failing, but I don't understand why. Sync...


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