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  1. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Nevermind.... I ended clearing the browser cache and reloaded so now it is showing. Sorry...
  2. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Hello, I was able to successfully upgrade from 6.3 to 7. The only issue that I am seeing is that the graphs no longer show the stats. I will add that it was showing for a day but no longer do. I am unsure if it was from an update? Please if anyone has insight, it would be much appreciated...
  3. Changing Hostname and Adding SSL

    Hello, I have 2 VM's currently running on my node. After researching how to change the hostname, it states only doing so on an empty node. Is it possible to get around this or would I have to configure a new server first, set the hostname, add SSL and migrate VM's? Any information or...
  4. Using mail client to send validation and copy of a scheduled script (cron)

    Hello, I first want to apologize for the long description. I am creating several scripts that I will schedule to run via cronjobs. Is it possible to have the mail client send me a notification/copy of the file that I will be saving them to? If this is not possible, any suggestions to...
  5. [TUTORIAL] How-To -- Lets Encrypt and PMG

    Hello, Is this only for a fresh install of Proxmox? I only as because I did some server hardening and installed fail2ban. When I tried to install letsencrypt, it will not let me. I am assuming it pertains to something done in post-install? I appreciate any input you can provide. Robert
  6. Backup and cPanel

    Thank you for the assistance. I do have a community subscription.
  7. Backing up to change RAID and SSD configuration

    Hello, I am currently running proxmox on a remote server. I have 1 SSD (RAID 0) with the OS and 3 SATA drives (RAID 5) with VM's and backup using an LSI 9271-4i controller. I am looking to replace the SATA drives with SSD's and place them in RAID 10. Can someone tell me the most efficient...
  8. Backup and cPanel

    Hello, I currently run backups for my VM's once a week. I have WHM and cPanel running on one of my VM's. My question is... are the backups sufficient enough to fully restore the VM's in the event of failure? I just want to make sure that I don't lose my site running on cPanel. I appreciate...
  9. Backup Server install boots into grub rescue mode

    Thank you so much for your help. I have another question. Please forgive me as I am pretty new to Proxmox. I am going to deploy another server that has 10 - 2TB SSD's and 2 - 1TB m.2 SSD's attached via pcie adapter. What hardware RAID configuration do you recommend for the 10 SSD's (RAID10)...
  10. Backup Server install boots into grub rescue mode

    Sorry for the late response. I was able to figure it out. Interestingly enough I had to create a software RAID0 in ZFS format on top of the hardware RAID in order for the OS to boot. Any thoughts or reasons for that?
  11. Backup Server install boots into grub rescue mode

    I've been trying to install the backup iso onto a server that has 4 - 6TB SATA Drives in hardware RAID10. It seems like the installation is successful until I reboot the server. It goes into grub rescue mode. I thought it may be an incompatability issue with the RAID controller so tried a...
  12. Monitoring Resource Usage

    H4R0, Thank you for your response. I have the resources limited manually for the VM's. I was hoping to be able to set thresholds to trigger an email alert. I have configured zabbix before but find that it's use is better suited for clusters. It's not too big a deal... just wanted to see if...
  13. Monitoring Resource Usage

    Hello, I have Proxmox installed on a remote dedicated server. Currently I am using it for personal/testing purposes. I have deployed VM's to friends to test and want to make sure that they aren't overutilizing allocated resources. Is there a way to set set thresholds on VM's resources, i.e...
  14. Static IP

    Oguz, Thank you for your recommendations. I apologize for the late response.
  15. Static IP

    Hello, I just installed Proxmox and have created my first VM. The VM was created for an IT Security friend to test out prior to deploying a production server. My question... is there an easier way to assign IP's instead of installing OS and configuring manually? I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 and...
  16. Optimal RAID and Partitioning for Install

    Thank you for the recommendations. I will not need high availability for now. My plan is to test different configurations as well as become acclimated as I have no prior experience with virtualization outside of personal use. Once comfortable I plan to put into production as a VPS provider.
  17. Optimal RAID and Partitioning for Install

    I appreciate the input. I will be using hardware RAID. Given that I already have the current SSD’s how would you configure it?
  18. Optimal RAID and Partitioning for Install

    Hello, I am in the process of virtualizing my bare metal server. I had planned to install Proxmox on 2 - 1TB SSD's in RAID1 and will have 8 - 2TB SSD's in RAID10. Would you say that this configuration is optimal? I am open to suggestions as I would like to set up everything correctly from the...


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