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  1. 451 4.3.0 Error: queue file write error;

    @Stoiko Ivanov can I see somewhere what is the reason for process restart? How can I find why postfix cannot pass the mail to pmg-smtp-filter?
  2. 451 4.3.0 Error: queue file write error;

    Sep 21 13:10:46 server pmg-smtp-filter[97459]: Killing "1" children Sep 21 13:10:47 server systemd[1]: Stopping Proxmox SMTP Filter Daemon... Sep 21 13:10:47 server pmg-smtp-filter[97459]: 2021/09/21-13:10:47 Server closing! Sep 21 13:10:47 server systemd[1]: pmg-smtp-filter.service: Succeeded...
  3. WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!

    We have plenty of resources on our servers so this should not be a problem. Also I see no reason why should a message even if it's big be processed for more then a few seconds. If it takes more then 10 seconds there is something wrong with the way the processing works or with some rule or...
  4. WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!

    Yes that's right I just have updated no issue with that as I have templates setup ever change still applied. I hope this version fixes the issues we had with some messages not processing properly error Out: 451 4.3.0 Error: queue file write error.
  5. Whitelist messages still SA score higher than 0 = makes statistics invalid

    Thanks @Stoiko Ivanov it's all fine we are just forwarding email for that domain to our servers that is why the SPF is fail. They have their own filter we just host email from them and we use pmg to forward their email to our server. I will have to do spamassassin configuration also for AWL...
  6. Whitelist messages still SA score higher than 0 = makes statistics invalid

    Tested and completely the same. Also rebooted the server but the SA score still added to the message even when priority of the rules changed.
  7. Whitelist messages still SA score higher than 0 = makes statistics invalid

    Here example if I search for SA score=9/5 we have one server whitelisted as you see from the log the message is send from the server that is whitelisted: Sep 13 08:02:48 server postfix/smtpd[346904]: connect from ptr[] Sep 13 08:02:49 server postfix/smtpd[346904]: Anonymous TLS...
  8. WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!

    @Stoiko Ivanov thank you. Will wait for update no worries.
  9. Whitelist messages still SA score higher than 0 = makes statistics invalid

    Hello, Is it possible to configure the filter to set SA score to 0 if the message is whitelisted? Right now the whitelist messages still score SA higher then 0 even if they are whitelisted and that messes up the statistics. Thanks.
  10. WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!

    Same issue here. Should we just update ClamAV manually? we are using no-subscription repository. Sep 04 22:35:05 freshclam[1709]: ClamAV update process started at Sat Sep 4 22:35:05 2021 Sep 04 22:35:05 freshclam[1709]: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! Sep 04 22:35:05 freshclam[1709]...
  11. Autoreply from exchange not signed DKIM by proxmox outbound gateway

    @Stoiko Ivanov Thank you very much. This makes sense. I did notice this problem a while ago when testing autoreponse when you send an email to address that does not exist and then you get response back about User unknown. I was thinking that there was something wrong with our configuration but...
  12. Autoreply from exchange not signed DKIM by proxmox outbound gateway

    We send test email from to one of the exchange mailboxes that has autoresponder set. Autoresponder emails should be signed by DKIM but they are not. We get back autoresponder email that is not signed by DKIM. If we try to send email from our domain to gmail our email is DKIM signed...
  13. Send notification email if some mail in Queue Administration with Reason "452..." or over threshold of number of messages

    Hello, We are seeing that a good indication that something is not working when messages are starting to accumulate on our incoming mail filter. Is it possible to create some rule so we would be notified if messages in Queue reach a specific threshold like more then 50 messages in Queue waiting...
  14. [SOLVED] Abnormal AWL score on legitimate emails?

    How do you diagnose this? I see daily legitimate emails rejected because they have too high AWL score. Can we see why there is a high AWL score on particular message? Found the post here that helped me. Will try to retrain the database.
  15. Increasing Tracking Center logs beyond 2 weeks

    Thank you for this increased from default 4 weeks to 8 weeks. The main problem that you will have is you will be hitting the web ui limit "aborted by limit (too many hits)" I seen your post here but...
  16. More ClamAV Signatures via DatabaseCustomURL

    Just want to give an update on this. I have added and and as far as testing goes it seems to work fine. Make sure you check yourself before adding anything. I have added all sanesecurity signatures with low and medium false positive probability. Don't think it makes...
  17. How to get proxmox mail gateway to the next level? we are so far away from a secure system

    Hello, I have been working extremely hard on improving spam detection, improving virus detection on proxmox mail gateway but I still feel like I am nowhere where I want it to be. I am mostly worried about malicious links/attachments, messages that will load scripts or anything malicious. I just...
  18. More ClamAV Signatures via DatabaseCustomURL

    Hello, Opening this thread to start a discussion about more ClamAV Signatures via DatabaseCustomURL. In another thread securiteinfo was mentioned and after testing the paid version our detection rate...
  19. Proxmox Virtual Environment for hosting providers?

    Hello, Just interested how much build in multi user support there is in proxmox-ve? Is it usable for multi user (each user is different customer/company that has access to their resources? - they can build or destroy their vms, have defined ip addressed/networks that they can use, hdds...). How...
  20. ClamAV update interval where can you change it?

    @Stoiko Ivanov thank you. If you are only using once per hour seems reasonable but we are using and they are updating their database at much higher...


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