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  1. EuroDomenii

    Supported Storage Types for Storage Replication

    According to, currently only ZFS is supported. I'm aware that Storage replication requires a unique set of features for the storage ( like snapshots, send/receive remote, etc). What is your roadmap for adding other...
  2. EuroDomenii

    [SOLVED] Fstrim script via QEMU guest agent

    For performance reasons, instead of mounting with discard option inside KVM, it's better running external fstrim command via qemu-guest-agent, on host cron event. However, discard=on must be setup in KVM storage configuration at /etc/pve/qemu-server/VMid.conf Default mode is sending mail to...
  3. EuroDomenii

    Proxmox delete lvm snapshots on VM delete

    Usually, all the lvm snapshots for a VM are removed on VM deletion. But, during some benchmarks, I needed to create more than 100 snapshots for a VM. This time, all the snapshots remained intact, despite deletion of the VM ( this is valid for several VMs). root@melania:/etc/pve/qemu-server#...
  4. EuroDomenii

    TASK ERROR: connection error: Transport endpoint is not connected (os error 107)

    The error shows up at, during KVM restore. … 2020-09-23T00:39:06+03:00: GET /chunk 2020-09-23T00:39:06+03:00: download chunk "/ab/store_melania/.chunks/7b76/7b76c3f2a082015fbf28719166b4e470def1063339f653b9dfb5892b71917f03"...
  5. EuroDomenii

    [SOLVED] pbs restore proxmox kvm from cli

    According to, first check root@rise1rbx:~# proxmox-backup-client restore vm/100/2020-07-16T09:52:09Z index.json - { "backup-id": "100", "backup-time": 1594893129, "backup-type": "vm", "files": [ {...
  6. EuroDomenii

    [SOLVED] Proxmox backup server continuous restore script

    The use case is a production Proxmox server sending incremental backups via pbs to a remote datastore on another Proxmox backup server. The other Proxmox backup server would act as a hot standby ( couldn’t be as synchronized as, due to longer...
  7. EuroDomenii

    Pbs incremental for containers

    For virtual machines incremental is very fast ( based on QEMU dirty bitmaps, a matter of seconds) . For LXC containers, it seems that there isn't any incremental implementation... LVM- Thin storage, backup mode snapshot 1) initial backup INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 104 --node...
  8. EuroDomenii

    Ipcc send rec failed: Connection refused at OVH Cloud

    There are plenty of post forum with this kind of error, usually triggered by wrong configuration of /etc/hosts or network Mine seems to be correct: root@lon:~# cat /etc/hosts...
  9. EuroDomenii

    How to setup kernel stable pages parameter

    My use case is described here, for containers with checksum integrity, because I can’t use the qemu workaround cache=writethrough . Directly setting parameters like max_ratio or read_ahead_kb ( see...
  10. EuroDomenii

    API Clients for Proxmox Mail Gateway

    Are there any API Clients for Proxmox Mail Gateway? Or we have to fork from ? Thx!
  11. EuroDomenii

    Securing third party application Proxmox integration with proxy api gateway

    For the sake of simplicity, I shall build the post, based on example. Normally, this should be posted in, but the discussion is more general, regarding the security of any third party application...
  12. EuroDomenii

    [SOLVED] local_network alias for multiple interfaces with redundant ring protocol

    According to, user can overwrite local_network in the cluster.fw , in order for the firewall automatically sets up rules to allow everything needed for cluster communication (corosync, API, SSH) using this alias. What about...
  13. EuroDomenii

    [SOLVED] Workaround for cluster with 2 bare metal nodes

    The problem Problems with "two_node" Clusters This corosync options depends on a fence race condition, and only works using reliable HW fence devices. Above 'self fencing' algorithm does not work if you use this option! Via...
  14. EuroDomenii

    Cpu tuning for ryzen benchmark

    Follow up, I am playing with AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Octa-Core So far, the system is stable ( see I have...
  15. EuroDomenii

    LXC Ipfilter-net IP spoofing tests

    I wanted to test the efficiency of Ipfilter-net for container. Inside the container, after running the following command ( from, spoofing the ip, all output network activity is blocked ( ping etc). iptables -t nat -A...
  16. EuroDomenii

    How to debug Proxmox Perl code

    Since I am coming from php world ( Xdebug remote with ssh tunneling via PhpStorm), it would be best to ask via example. I want to debug btrfs snapshot rollback feature. -Setup a breakpoint in function volume_snapshot_rollback from PVE/Storage/
  17. EuroDomenii

    BTRFS experimental storage PVE 4.4-13 testing & issues & patch

    First of all, kudos to Wolfgang Bumiller for the “hot” summer btrfs patches. It surpassed my expectations, it really works, except several issues, perfectly normal for an experimental phase. Related proxmox forum posts...
  18. EuroDomenii

    PVE Development Environment issues on Proxmox VE 4.4

    Versions pve-manager/4.4-13/7ea56165 (running kernel: 4.4.44-1-pve) Debian version 8.7 Following and;a=blob_plain;;hb=HEAD apt-get -y install build-essential git-core...
  19. EuroDomenii

    Proxmox HA increase fence delay

    TEST SETUP My testing setup Proxmox cluster: Node1- dedicated OVH production , reboot time 110 sec Node2 - dedicated OVH backup server Node3 - VPS OVH cloud, reboot time several seconds Share storage ceph HA groups: HA12 - node1 priority 2, node2 priority 1, restricted, unchecked nofailback...
  20. EuroDomenii

    Sync public ip failover with proxmox HA

    A) First problem is the triggering moment A1) Monitoring via cron when a node changes status from online to fenced. Doable with get /cluster/ha/status/manager_status either from outside website, either from script inside nodes ( the script should live on all nodes, but only triggered if the...


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