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  1. powersupport

    send emails using API with proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, Is there any way we can use PMG API to send emails like AWS SES API Thank you
  2. powersupport

    how to give domain level access to a user in proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, Could anyone advise how to give domain-level access to a user in PMG, I couldn't find any documentation on this Thank you.
  3. powersupport

    Outbound relay configuration

    Hi, We are new to Proxmox Gateway and we have set up a Proxmox gateway and we are trying to set up an outbound relay from Postfix through PMG. Can anyone advise on the correct configuration we have to change in postfix for the outbound to work? Thank You
  4. powersupport

    outbound is not working getting the error as Temporary lookup failure (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    HI, We set up a proxmox mail gateway and configured, now we are tryng to configure outbound from a server to pmg, but it seems not working, getting the error from the local server as below tail -f /var/log/maillog Jul 14 09:15:28 readyspace postfix/smtpd[19754]: connect from localhost[::1] Jul...
  5. powersupport

    unable join cluster proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, We have installed mail gateway in two servers and tried to add the second slave server to master but getting errors as below pmgcm join masterIP --fingerprint 7C:05:96:2C:A4:38:D6:FD:E2:CB:B7:2F:14:D4:92:DD:FC:30:5F:C0:99:16:CC:AC:56:81:8B:26:85:77:01:B8 Enter password: ************ Use...
  6. powersupport

    How to upgrade pbs client in centos?

    Hi, the current version is 1.0.11, May I know how we can update the client? is there any documentation available for Centos standalone server? We have already tried the KB below, We have tried to rebuild with a different...
  7. powersupport

    How to update pbs client on centos standalone server

    Hi, We have a centos stand-alone server with PBS client installed, we installed the same using the below documentations
  8. powersupport

    Unable to restore backup from pbs backup client

    #proxmox-backup-client snapshot list Password for "root@pam": ************ ┌─────────────────────────────────┬──────────┬────────────────────────────────────┐ │ snapshot │ size │ files │...
  9. powersupport

    changing cluster network Switch

    Hi, We have a cluster with three nodes and due to some issues we are proceeding to change the cluster network switch. May I know will there be any downtime for the VM's if we proceed to change the cluster network switch ? Please note that our VM and Ceph networks are different. So may I know...
  10. powersupport

    Proxmox cluster version: 6.4-6 having unexpected issues

    Hi support, Recently we faced some critical issues with the proxmox cluster, the cluster is set up with 3 Nodes Issues are *) Migrating VMs between the nodes took a long time and sometimes proxmox GUI went down while the migration, also, VMs will be in lock even after the migration...
  11. powersupport

    Backup is not running for Centos standalone server

    Hi, We have already initiated the backups yesterday and seems like it is not working. As I can see the task scheduled for the backup still running, it is running for days Also, when opening the backup content showing an error message as shown in the screenshot We ran the below command in...
  12. powersupport

    How to integrate PBS server with CentOS client

    Hi, We have a server with PBS Backup Server 1.1-1, and a centos server with a backup client installed ./proxmox-backup/target/release/proxmox-backup-client version client version: 1.0.11 Can anyone advise how we can integrate these two servers? we need to back up the client VM to PBS server...
  13. powersupport

    May I know if the new version of the PBS (Proxmox Backup Server 1.1) support centOS backup?

    Hi We have a PBS server with us, a newer version, may I check if the PBS newer version supports centos backup? Thank you
  14. powersupport

    Unable to run backup in the pbs client

    Hi, We have an issue while running back up in the client-server(centos 7), already set up a backup server and configured it, now we need to run backup in a remote client, we use the kb below to set up the client And...
  15. powersupport

    Found a new Centos 7 Client for PBS

    I found a new Centos 7 client for PBS, Please have a look PBS Centos 7 Client Also let us know in here if this works for you (For both Centos 7 & 8)
  16. powersupport

    Proxmox node high memory usage but seems incorrect

    Our proxmox VE single node with ZFS (2x 4TB HDD) is showing very high memory usage. However, I have already limited the usage to "8GB" for ARC. Inside VM, when the memory usage is only 2-3 GB, the VM status on PVE is also showing correct values. However, PVE Node shows very high memory usage...
  17. powersupport

    Install SSL for Proxmox backup server

    Hi Guys, Thank you so much for providing pbs platform. May I know if there any specific KB or steps available for installing SSL for PBS? I have tried to install the certificate manually by copy-paste the certificate to the backup server SSL path /etc/proxmox-backup and it wasn't working...
  18. powersupport

    Can GPU be virtualised in proxmox?

    We have seen the below Article which says that Proxmox -VE 5.3 now has a GUI option for PCI Passthrough. May I know if GPU can be virtualized in proxmox? Please let us know if Proxmox supports the same and does it needs any specific server spec. KB: =========...
  19. powersupport

    VM doesn't boot up after converting to GPT from MBR

    I have tried to convert a disk from MBR to GPT by using a partition manager. I have also changed bios from seabios to OMVF and also added an EFI disk. However, the VM still does not boot up. It gets stuck at UEFI interactive shell. Someone please help me. Server is currently down


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