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  1. Windows Server Network Adapter crash?

    hello, habe anyone an idea about this? our next step is to reinstall the windows machine and application with many time amount. regards Ronny
  2. Windows Server Network Adapter crash?

    Hi, we also have this problem. some changes we made had no effect: virtio-drivers installed from ISO 0.1.149 (hdd, network, baloon, qemu-guest-agent) at this moment every day our one Win2012R2 VM had no Network and must Hard-Stopped. we also have a few other Win-Server and Win10/Win7 VMs with...
  3. CEPH - destroy OSDs from removed Node

    yep - it works also :) thanks a lot
  4. CEPH - destroy OSDs from removed Node

    Hi Alwin, ok - all OSDs from this node are gone. But how can i remove the node/host? like that? "ceph osd crush rm pve-node-03" thanks a lot Ronny
  5. CEPH - destroy OSDs from removed Node

    Hello, yesterday i removed an Node from our PVE/CEPH Cluster, but i forgott something: At first i set all OSDs for this Node to OUT and STOP. After that, shutdown and removed the Node from PVE Cluster (pvecm delnode...) But now the cluster shows me in CEPH Overview the OSDs from the removed...
  6. Rename Resource-Pool

    thanks a lot - it works fine i will just make a feature request :)
  7. Error adding (existing) CephFS

    hello, today i have the same issue: i added the 4. node to our cluster and now the cephfs-Storage ist unusable. In syslog i see the mounting errors: pvestatd[3334]: A filesystem is already mounted on /mnt/pve/cephfs pvestatd[3334]: mount error: exit code 16 all nodes become ceph-Monitors and...
  8. Rename Resource-Pool

    Hi, is there any way to rename an Resource-Pool? In Gui it is not possible - why not? there are possible via cli? thanks a lot regards Ronny
  9. Migrating: Copy VMs direkt to CEPH Storage?

    ok, thanks for your answers... i will go the hard, long way with restore everyone... regards Ronny
  10. Migrating: Copy VMs direkt to CEPH Storage?

    in my old clusters/ servers the disks on iscsi-lvm storages. for rbd import i have to mount the old storage in my new environment, right? it is possible to change the vm-id in this way? do you have an example for me? thanks a lot
  11. Migrating: Copy VMs direkt to CEPH Storage?

    Hello, i have an question about migrating: we have to migrate about 200 VMs from our old PVE-Hosts/Clusters to our new PVE-Ceph Cluster. it is possible to copy via scp the disk files directly to the ceph storage an how i do it? thanks a lot regards Ronny
  12. CEPH-Log DBG messages - why?

    worked for me, thanks a lot :)
  13. CEPH-Log DBG messages - why?

    perfectly - it works - thanks a lot :) regards Ronny
  14. CEPH-Log DBG messages - why?

    thanks a lot, i will try it. regards Ronny
  15. CEPH-Log DBG messages - why?

    Hello, on our new 3-node cluster with fresh ceph-cluster installation we get continously this messages on all 3 nodes in ceph-log. pveversion: pve-manager/5.4-4/97a96833 (running kernel: 4.15.18-12-pve) the cluster contains this hosts: pve-hp-01 (7 OSDs) pve-hp-02 (7 OSDs) pve-hp-03 (8 OSDs)...
  16. Backup Restore Failed

    the hint about probs of ram and/or hdd i've also read in proxmox forum. and yes - i tryed on an other host and there is the same error, so i've just saved the time with memory testing. correct, the 3rd hdd is 2TB big and cannot recover. the backup drive is for proxmox an local directory, but an...
  17. Backup Restore Failed

    the second step failed with the same error - look at my screenshot. there are 3 disks inside, the first and second restored fine but the last big one is broken.
  18. Backup Restore Failed

    sorry, i'm not finished. the first step was successfull, now it runs the second... i will keep you up-to-date :)
  19. Backup Restore Failed

    no, but i will try it asap - thanks :)
  20. Backup Restore Failed

    no one with any idea? :(


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