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  1. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    I understand the security implications of privileged/unprivileged. I just didn't want to have to deal with UID/GID mapping for storage with unprivileged. Since Docker has it's own set of security/containerization I was OK with that. I just don't understand why Debian works both privileged and...
  2. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    So is this a bug where its i shouldn't expect docker to work in a privileged container?
  3. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    Ok seems to work on an unprivileged container but not privileged.
  4. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    1) Yes, using the containers from Proxmox. 2) config: arch: amd64 cores: 1 features: nesting=1 hostname: ubuntutest memory: 512 net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1,hwaddr=12:A7:93:CA:04:E2,ip=dhcp,ip6=dhcp,type=veth ostype: ubuntu rootfs: local-lvm:vm-100-disk-0,size=8G swap: 512 3) Yes...
  5. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    Yes. And I've created fresh containers since updating, still same issue. And it's interesting. Now I can't even get docker to work on a 18.04 template like I could before I upgraded to 4.0.6-2. Get the same exit status 243 error.
  6. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    I didn't have 4.0.6-2 installed but now do. Still getting the same error 243 on a brand new spun up LXC container using the 20.04 template.
  7. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    I saw that thread but it doesn't appear to be the same issue. I can start the docker service just fine, it's only when i try to run a container, like `docker run hello-world` that I get that error. I can move over to that topic if you want but didn't want to hijack it.
  8. Docker with Ubuntu LXC 20.04 template

    Been trying to run Docker inside of an Ubuntu 20.04 LXC and I keep getting this error: ERROR: for CONTAINER_NAME Cannot start service CONTAINER_NAME: AppArmor enabled on system but the docker-default profile could not be loaded: running `/sbin/apparmor_parser apparmor_parser -Kr...


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