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  1. Elaborate on IO delay in server summary

    I'm curious about the actual meaning of the IO delay in the Server's Summary. For example, when I clone a VM from a template, I expect high IO. All my clone templates are on it's own dedicated drive. When I clone a VM from one of these templates, the IO delay for the node hops up as high as...
  2. Syslog Spam pmxcfs[1169]

    After a reboot, I noticed the system log on one of my nodes being spammed with this. Where can I find this log so I can figure out the issue? Jun 10 18:00:01 server2 pmxcfs[1169]: [status] notice: received log Jun 10 18:00:08 server2 pmxcfs[1169]: [status] notice: received log Jun 10 18:00:18...
  3. IP Spoofing IPSet not working?

    I'm such a dummy. I didn't know you had to tick a box on the actual virtual network device of the VM. Lesson learned. Thanks for the responses. o_Oo_O:eek::eek::eek:
  4. IP Spoofing IPSet not working?

    Yes. I checked the box and it's made no difference. I can still switch IPs in the VM. Here are screenshots of some of my settings. VM Datacenter Node
  5. IP Spoofing IPSet not working?

    What rules do I need? Where do I put them? Forgive me I'm still new to this
  6. IP Spoofing IPSet not working?

    IPSet doesn't appear to be working, as I can still switch the IP from inside the VM to any IP in the block. Firewall is on in the Datacenter as well as on the Node. Am I missing something? Firewall settings for the VM are below (I thought I had this working properly already but it seems I was...
  7. Windows VM issues when CPU set to Host

    I'm having an odd occurrence. When creating a WIndows VM, if I set the cpu to Host, the installation will proceed normally but then at the end will result in an infinite bootloop when trying to restart after install. If I use KVM64 or Qemu64 this does not occur. I've noticed if I complete the...
  8. Windows 2016 VMs with poor performance

    This is a great tool. I will use it to check on the VM next and deal with it accordingly. Thank you so much for the information and your prompt responses
  9. Windows 2016 VMs with poor performance

    These are the results. I did as instructed. Server listening on 5201 ----------------------------------------------------------- Accepted connection from, port 44268 [ 5] local port 5201 connected to port 44270 [ ID] Interval Transfer...
  10. Windows 2016 VMs with poor performance

    I'm not familiar with iperf. How can I get this information?
  11. Windows 2016 VMs with poor performance

    Whenever I do that in a Windows VM before the OS installation, it results in VM boot errors. “Host” works great for Linux VMs but not for Windows. I can usually change to “host” post OS installation but never before the install. Is this normal?
  12. Windows 2016 VMs with poor performance

    I have 2 Proxmox nodes in my home lab. The first is a Dell Poweredge r710 w h700 RAID, 72 gb ram, SSD disks. This is the machine I am having issues with. Linux based VMs run perfectly, with no issue. Window 2016 VMs misbehave in odd ways, most notably terrible network performance as regards to...
  13. Comfortable CPU usage for a single node.

    Excellent. Thank you for confirming this for me. My Average Loads and IO delays are very minimal, as I manually monitor things pretty closely.
  14. Proxmox Android App

    Well I can simultaneously compare to the mobile site or the desktop site, and the cpu usage is correct on those. It's only the mobile app that displays this kind of behavior. I can provide more information if need. Always stays at 0.07 when expected usage is around 10% minimum(usually about...
  15. Proxmox Android App

    I used to love the PVE for Android app, but after the last PVE update, my individual node's cpu usage is always incorrect. It stays at 0.07% always. Is there something I can do to remedy this, as I prefer the functionality of the app compared to the mobile site?
  16. Comfortable CPU usage for a single node.

    I'm a bit new to Proxmox, so forgive me if this was already discussed. I'm wondering if there are some general guidelines concerning CPU usage on a single node. I have a 2 node cluster, one of the nodes running several VMs of different compositions (vms that are strictly databases, some are...
  17. Setting CPU type to anything but Default KVM64 results in boot loop

    I'm very new to Proxmox and Hypervisors in general. VMs install and run with no issues when the CPU type is set to Default KVM64, but setting to Host (or if I specify the processor type as Westmere, which it is, it errors the same way) will result in an error when installing OS after the reboot...


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