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  1. fabian

    error "no space left on device"
  2. fabian

    Rotated Drive Backup Workflow

    you could also think about not backing up directly onto your external disks, but use them as sync targets and use a permanently available (smaller) datastore as intermediate "buffer". advantages: if you "buffer" enough snapshots on the datastore that is not external, both external disks get...
  3. fabian

    ERROR: can't acquire lock '/var/run/vzdump.lock' - got timeout

    the default timeout is 3 hours, sounds like you just got over it? did the backup size increase correspondingly as well? you can increase the lock timeout ('lockwait' in /etc/vzdump.conf), but I'd first try to find out why it takes longer..
  4. fabian

    Virtual bridge without hypervisor ?

    a bridge with no physical port should work just fine (alternatively, a bridge WITH a physical port but no address on the hypervisor should also work fine, in case that is what you attempted ;)) - could you post your network config and include pveversion -v output?
  5. fabian

    Encryption At Rest for PBS

    you can either encrypt the storage on which you configure your datastores (e.g. using LUKS/cryptsetup), or use the built-in encryption feature to encrypt individual snapshots at rest (some metadata needs to remain unencrypted, but all the data chunks are fully encrypted)...
  6. fabian

    [SOLVED] How to run Proxmox Backup Server as unprivileged container?

    so the folder (and possibly some other things) is likely owned by the default unprivileged user 100033. you can use pct mount to mount the containers' FS and correct the owners (all files/dirs owned by user or group 100033 need to be owned by user 33 in your case). e.g., find...
  7. fabian

    [SOLVED] How to run Proxmox Backup Server as unprivileged container?

    did you add the ID map(s) after you installed proxmox-backup-server inside the container?
  8. fabian

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster ZFS-Datastores disabled

    wenn du den storage nur "disabled" hast kannst du ihn auch einfach wieder enablen und musst ihn nicht neu eintragen ;)
  9. fabian

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster ZFS-Datastores disabled

    die storage.cfg ist cluster-weit. du kannst aber eintraege auf einzelne oder mehrere nodes einschraenken wenn der storage nicht ueberall verfuegbar ist.. wenn also der zfs pool/das dataset schon existiert und nicht neuangelegt werden soll, kannst du den dazugehoerigen storage.cfg eintrag in der...
  10. fabian

    Proxmox VE 6 - Removing cluster configuration

    if the steps above failed (although I am not sure how - the error messages you posted indicate you missed some of the steps?), a clean re-install might work best.
  11. fabian

    unable to access non-existent chunk

    ja das ist die ursache, und die loesung ist denkbar einfach - datastores nicht nesten ;)
  12. fabian

    XFS file-restore

    you use XFS on LVM - the LVM part is what is not yet supported.
  13. fabian

    PBS PVE Fail Backup

    are these VMs especially active? or in some other way different from the rest? the symptoms point to a network issue, but that might just be what shows up in the logs and the root cause is something else..
  14. fabian

    ACME Status 405 - see "ACME Plugins"
  15. fabian

    [SOLVED] After syncing to a new datastore: backup owner check failed (pve-user@pbs != backup@pam)

    repository is the combination of user/token ID, PBS host and datastore: USER@REALM@HOST:DATASTORE, e.g. root@pam! you should find all that information on the PVE side in your storage config entry ;)
  16. fabian

    Löschen von defekten Datastores

    ist ein file in /etc/pve/nodes/NODE/lxc - bitte sicherstellen dass es die richtige ist (oder backup machen vorm loeschen)
  17. fabian

    Löschen von defekten Datastores

    du kannst entweder nur die betreffenden mountpoints oder die ganze container config entfernen (haendisch).
  18. fabian

    Error when backupping Template
  19. fabian

    [SOLVED] Proxmox missing most functionality

    please post the output of the following commands pveversion -v systemctl status pveproxy pvedaemon pve-cluster pvestatd
  20. fabian

    [SOLVED] Linux-Container-Migration bricht ab

    der knoten laesst sich wie folgt aufloesen: pve00: thinpool mit namen foobar pve01: ebenfalls thinpool mit namen foobar storage.cfg: EIN storage eintrag fuer den thinpool foobar die config ist clusterweit, und PVE weiss welche storages auf jedem node gleichen inhalt haben (==shared) und...


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