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  1. corosync stability issue

    so it looks like every time the links toggle it is after a pmxcfs received log May 5 10:28:15 mfscn03 pmxcfs[2044]: [status] notice: received log May 5 10:29:06 mfscn03 corosync[2067]: [KNET ] link: host: 1 link: 0 is down May 5 10:29:06 mfscn03 corosync[2067]: [KNET ] host: host: 1...
  2. corosync stability issue

    Just to follow up on this, after adding one of the other networks into the corosync as suggested things are considerably improved. Now I only very occasional messages indicating only that an altenative corosync network path has been selected. e.g. May 4 16:15:47 mfscn03 corosync[2067]: [KNET...
  3. corosync stability issue

    Thanks for response PBS is a physical server hanging off the 10G nexus switch, each node has a 10G connection to the switch, same with server hosts PBS and NFS, but problem appeared with PBS before I added NFS. The corosync network was previously also used for occasional remote management, so...
  4. corosync stability issue

    Hi , I have a classic three node hyper-converged cluster. Each node is identical HP DL380p with 96GB memory. 12 disk bays as follows:- 1 x sata 320 GB HDD (PVE host OS) 1 x sata 120GB SSD (Ceph WAL) 10 x 1TB HDD (OSDs) Network and interfaces are as follows: 1 Gbe corosync (single port on...
  5. Add cluster network to existing system.

    Thanks, yes it was quite straightforward in the end. I modified the global section to redefine the cluster network. I destroyed and recreated the monitors one at a time (maybe this wasn't necessary?) but it was only after restarting the OSDs that I saw traffic starting to flow on the cluster...
  6. Add cluster network to existing system.

    Hi, I have a 3 node hyper-converged setup which was created with a combined cluster and public network. I would like to add a separate cluster network, but am unsure if and how this can be done on an existing installation. Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. NFS Unknown symbol errors

    OK solved. For the benefit of anyone else, I had upgraded all nodes but the upgrade for this particular mode must have failed. The following dirs were missing /lib/modules/5.3.18-3-pve/kernel/kernel /lib/modules/5.3.18-3-pve/kernel/lib /lib/modules/5.3.18-3-pve/kernel/mm...
  8. NFS Unknown symbol errors

    I have a four node cluster, 3 Ceph nodes, plus a node hosting NFS for backups. One of the three Ceph nodes has broken such that it cant access the NFS share. The other two are fine. All the nodes are identical hardware and software is pve install on top of a debian buster minimal net...
  9. GUI delete netmask from /etc/network/interfaces

    ok good news. A fresh install now seems to work as expected ( I may have inadvertently omitted to edit /etc/hosts ) Even better news the cidr/netmasl issue is resolved :-) Thankyou.
  10. GUI delete netmask from /etc/network/interfaces

    Thanks for the info. In meantime I tried moving up from debian 10.0.2 to the latest 10.0.3 as base system. However the installation of pve is now broken, it does not successfully complete installation. Numerous errors I need more time to investigate.
  11. GUI delete netmask from /etc/network/interfaces

    proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.18-2-pve) pve-manager: 6.1-7 (running version: 6.1-7/13e58d5e) pve-kernel-helper: 6.1-7 pve-kernel-5.3: 6.1-5 pve-kernel-5.3.18-2-pve: 5.3.18-2 ceph: 14.2.6-pve1 ceph-fuse: 14.2.6-pve1 corosync: 3.0.3-pve1 criu: 3.11-3 glusterfs-client: 5.5-3 ifupdown...
  12. GUI delete netmask from /etc/network/interfaces

    Hi folks, I am having trouble with clean install on buster. Any time I make any alteration to the network config using the GUI it removes the netmask definition from the network devices in /etc/network/interfaces. This is totally repeatable, and it doesnt matter if the /24 notation or the...


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