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  1. DHCP-Server funktioniert nicht in VMs

    Was meinst du mit dem letzten Satz? Damit hat zwar dein Host eine IP und ein Gateway, für die VMs ist das aber unerheblich, es sei denn, du verteilst dieselben Informationen auch über den DHCP. Welche Adresse hat denn die Sense-VM? Ist dort auch das DHCP-Plugin aktiviert? Und sind die anderen...
  2. DHCP-Server funktioniert nicht in VMs

    Läuft der DHCP in einer VM? Wenn ja, werden die zwei Bridges als WAN und LAN reingereicht oder wie sieht die Konfiguration aus? Auf welcher Bridge sollen DHCP-Leases verteilt werden? Läuft die Proxmox-Firewall bei einer der beteiligten VMs?
  3. Incremental message for PBS backup

    PBS splits all backup data in chunks. You probably have a similar VM, which was already backed up, so those chunks could be reused. And on a side note, therefore your backup was incremental. ;)
  4. Welche AMD CPU kaufen für Proxmox-Server

    Meinst du wirklich, dass du hiernach schlauer bist, was du nehmen sollst? :D Ich hol schon mal das Popcorn.
  5. PFsense VM networking bridge on proxmox ve

    Well, I have like 10 VMs that have at least two NICs with the same bridge but with different tags. But what do I know ... Just define the same bridges on your hosts then, in order to solve your migration problems.
  6. PFsense VM networking bridge on proxmox ve

    Yes, this does work and is a lot easier to configure on the pfSense side than a single NIC with vlans.
  7. Internet not working

    If the gateway is then you should choose another address in the range from to., but this address should not be covered by your dhcp dynamic lease range.
  8. Internet not working

    There are thousand possible problems ... In your configuration you show wlo1 as bridged port. Did you change that? Your address is but your gateway is The latter lies not within the defined subnet, so this is where you should start. Either define an address within the...
  9. Internet not working

    If your connection is supposed to run over cable you should probably have enp1s0 as bridge_ports rather than wlo1.
  10. Internet not working

    Your link is down, did you configure wlo1 for your wireless network?
  11. 4 or 5 storage nodes?

    Because you asked I made a bit of research about the topic. Fact is that you need more than half of the MONs to have quorum and RedHat advices to have an odd number of them. Thus, you could probably get away with an even number of storage nodes as long as you have an odd number of monitors. I...
  12. Setting up pfSense VM with trunked port on one NIC interface (Dell R710)?

    You can but it's not necessary. Just check the box "vlan aware" on your vmbr0 (which contains all the vlans, I guess). You can then either define one NIC for pfSense and define vlans inside the VM or you pass vmbr0 multiple times with different tag ids. Like I said above, this is possible...
  13. 4 or 5 storage nodes?

    Not at hand, but with an even number a failed network link could lead to a 2:2 situation. With an odd number there's always a majority. True, with four nodes "more than half" is three, that will probably circumvent the problem. But an odd number still is more robust on all sorts of failures that...
  14. Firewall Änderung auf Datacenter-Ebene

    Die security groups kannst du auf Datacenter-Ebene erstellen und in den VMs nutzen. Die Firewall aktualisiert sich alle paar Sekunden ohne dass du die Gruppen neu hinzufügen musst. Das von dir beschriebe Verfahren sollte so funktionieren. Aber mal ehrlich, das selbst auszuprobieren wäre 10x...
  15. Firewall rules for PVE cluster and VMs storage traffic

    I did it with the other solution. I rather have such stuff under control than rely on builtin stuff which might change over time or have some other implications that I don't know about. But I guess your way is also possible.
  16. [SOLVED] PBS + PVE same host

    You define a PBS storage in PVE and choose this as backup target. There's no pulling backups from PBS's side. All backups within PBS are deduplicated and incremental by design. No need to enable anything. Be careful though, when your node now fails you don't have access to your machines AND...
  17. Shutdown of the Hyper-Converged Cluster (CEPH)

    Well, this seems a bit overblown for a hyper converged setup, since with a shutdown of the nodes you automatically shut down the Ceph services as well. In my opinion it should be enough to shut down all VMs and reboot every node.
  18. VLAN problems - packet loss on VM

    Third vote for creating the vlan on top of the bridge and not on the bond. Hands down. :D
  19. 4 or 5 storage nodes?

    An even number of nodes always opens a door for split brain problems. I you have the choice you should go for an odd number and then 5 is better than 3 and 7 is better than 5. :)
  20. processor type KVM64 or specific?

    Kvm64 contains a small subset of instruction sets so that interoperability is guaranteed. CPU types will only make problems when you try to live migrate to a system where the CPU cannot provide instruction sets that you defined. If all your nodes are the same you can easily choose "host" since...


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