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  1. dcsapak

    PCIe passthrough

    can you please post both vm configs, as well as some basic info about your machine? (eg. cpu/ram/etc.)
  2. dcsapak

    PCIe passthrough

    while that is not good (it means the host cannot communicate with the qemu process) i am not sure if the problems are related did you try already with the gpus reversed ? can you post the full output of 'dmesg' after such a failed attempt?
  3. dcsapak

    PCIe passthrough

    on the gui when you select the card for pci passthrough, there is a column for the group
  4. dcsapak

    Hohe Latenz usbport.sys in Windows Guest

    bitte nicht doppelposten:
  5. dcsapak

    High latency in "usbport.sys" in Windows 10 Guest

    did you try to disable the tablet pointer? and did it help?
  6. dcsapak

    Hide unused nodes for the user who has been given VM usage rights.

    no that is not possible currently, why exactly would you need it?
  7. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] PVE Web Interface not recognizing PVEAuthCookie

    mhmm... the client itself checks if it has a cookie and displays the login mask if it does not have one, you'd probably have to patch that out, or set some bogus cookie
  8. dcsapak

    High latency in "usbport.sys" in Windows 10 Guest

    can you post the full vm config? (qm config ID) also try disabling the 'use tablet for pointer' under options
  9. dcsapak

    PCIe passthrough

    are the two gpus in different iommu groups? does it work if you reverse them? (i.e use the second in the first vm, etc) anything in dmesg/syslog/journal?
  10. dcsapak

    Passthrough GPU and usb host controller.

    what problems do you encounter? the pass through docs are here: passing through a usb controller is the same as passing through a gpu, go to the vm, add pci device, add usb controller (just make sure it is in its own iommu...
  11. dcsapak

    Blinking cursor when attempting GPU passthrough on ubuntu VM

    what exactly are you trying to do? if you want to run 3d applications on the gpu, this will have to happen on the display connected to the gpu as for the 'correct' display use, check the logs inside the vm what exactly happens (xorg/wayland log), maybe something there can tell you what is wrong
  12. dcsapak

    Proxmox Metrixserver Fehlermeldung

    die doku von influxdb ist hier sehr aufschlussreich
  13. dcsapak

    Storage Speicherplatz - Freigeben

    damit die chunks gelöscht werden muss ein garbage collect ausgeführt werden. der löscht die chunks, sobald sie länger als 24h+5min nicht benutzt wurden (restore,backup,verify,etc) siehe auch:
  14. dcsapak

    Zip archive inconsistent - Recovery not possible

    yes, if there are many files, it can take a while to generate the zip. after 10 minutes after the last api call to the daemon inside the restore vm, it shuts itself down, i'll try to reproduce it here, and if i can send a fix
  15. dcsapak

    backup files management

    no currently the most coarse level is 'yearly' so it keeps a backup from each year, we have planned a 'lock' function however, which will prevent 'locked' backups from being deleted, but no one is actively working on it afaik
  16. dcsapak

    PBS: error fetching datastores - 401 Unauthorized (500)

    this sounds like a different issue, please open a new thread with more infos (like logs, versions, etc)
  17. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Unable to add the iSCSI disk to the backup system

    yes we only do support 'basic' disks for the disk management at the moment, you can of course mount your disk manually under any path (e.g. /mnt/YOURDISK) and then add a new datastore with that path
  18. dcsapak

    Zip archive inconsistent - Recovery not possible

    mhmm... i really hoped there would be more info in the log. any chance to get a hand on one of such zip files? also how long does the zip download take? more than 10 minutes? if yes, maybe we do shutdown the restore vm while it's still generating
  19. dcsapak

    TLS Destination wächst im GUI

    ok ich würde nochmals versuchen die pakete sauber zu installieren: apt update apt dist-upgrade apt install --reinstall pmg-api pmg-gui pmgversion -v
  20. dcsapak

    TLS Destination wächst im GUI

    wurde irgendwie an den perl/js files was verändert? der api call liefert nicht zurück was er soll (es sollte bei jedem eintrag auch einen 'destination' property geben, das ist der grund für das gui verhalten), und die checksumme des gui files entspricht keinem von uns im paket vllt. mal...


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