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  1. Help with SDN

    and you have mtu 9000 on ens6f0 && vmbr2 on both server ?
  2. Unable To add vmbr card

    also, if you are at ovh, can you check that you don't have files in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ ? I known 1user having a /etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init files installed by default by ovh giving some reload error too
  3. Unable To add vmbr card

    can you try to boot with auto vmbr1, then add "auto vmbr1", and do a "ifup vmbr1 -d" (to see debug log, if you use ifupdown2)
  4. I can't add linux bridge

    @Stolker do you use ifupdown2 ? if yes, maybe it's ifupdown2 bug (but I don't have seen this before), or a kernel change. but I'm unable to reproduce it on my side, it's working fine. do you have only this at boot ? or does a "ifup vmbr1" is working ? what is the ouput of #ip addr &&...
  5. VLAN problems - packet loss on VM

    if you use vlan aware bridge, tag directly the bridge, like auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual auto eno2 iface eno2 inet manual auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual bond-slaves eno1 eno2 bond-miimon 100 bond-mode 802.3ad bond-xmit-hash-policy...
  6. VM Prioritization: CPU units won't work for me

    Hi, can you verify that values are correctly setup with "cat /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/qemu.slice/<vmid>.scope/cpu.shares" ?
  7. Unable To add vmbr card

    do you have a error message on "ifdown vmbr1 / ifup vmbr1" output ? what is the result of "brctl show" ?
  8. Unable To add vmbr card

    you can ignore the hash_elasticity log, it don't have any impact. what is your problem exactly ?
  9. checksum incorrect

    This is an expected behavior as tcpdump tool on Linux because the checksum is offloading on your NIC but tcpdump reads IP packets from the Linux kernel right before the actual checksum takes place in the NIC chipset.
  10. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    oh yes, it's possible, the last version from proxmox 6.4 have a lot of fix && new features.
  11. SDN Network and PFSense Bridge

    I was looking how vmware nsx implemented it, but traffic is also redirected to central firewall(s) pair somewhere in the network (with some kind of transparent routing), but I'm not sure that it's possible across vm in same lan/vxlan, only when traffic is routed across vxlan. I don't known...
  12. SDN Network and PFSense Bridge

    currently it's not possible with sdn, maybe later (as we already have the proxmox firewall). It's not so easy, as with multiple pfsense, you'll need to sync conntrack table, if you don't want to break connection on live migration .(it's possible with carp, but I don't known how many pfsense...
  13. SDN Network and PFSense Bridge

    hi, do you want to do some kind of distributed transparent bridged pfsense firewall ? (1 pfsense by host )
  14. Help with SDN

    all seem to be fine at host level. are you sure that's it's not a physical switch configuration problem where jumbo frame is not enable ? are you are to do a "ping -Mdo -s 8950" from
  15. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    you can do a "brctl show" on the node where the lxc ct does not start ? Do you have same problem with a vm ? (This look like the vnet bridge is not created on the host, but you should have an error when applying sdn configuration). do you use proxmox 6.4 with last update ?
  16. [SOLVED] Open vSwitch VMs connection lost

    " ovs-appctl fdb/show vmbrX" should display the mac address table I think the only usefull feature could be port mirroring, it's a little bit difficult to implement with linux bridge. but if you don"t need it, just keep linux bridge. seem related to "allow-xxx", I don't known when it's...
  17. Setting up vmbrs for Vms frustration issue

    The main problem with mode other than 802.3ad or active-backup, is that you can have for 1 tcp connection, packets balanced on 2 differents interfacces, and you can have out of order packets at the switch side, so retransmit. almost any swich vendor support lacp, some vendor support other mode...
  18. SDN Subnets löschen geht nicht - BUG?

    patch is here, should be available for next release
  19. Help with SDN

    it's work with mtu 9000 without problem, but you still need 50 lower bytes on the vnet than the physical interface. I'm running vxlan in production with mtu=9200 on my switchs + mtu=9200 on my ethX on hypervisor + mtu=9000 on vnet but it should works with 9000 on physical interface + 8950 on...
  20. Help with SDN

    your config seem to be correct. I don't see why it's not working with gateway...(are you sure that config was correctly reloaded ?) if can connect to, the vxlan tunnel should works out of the box. (with the gateway defined, are you able to ping from to...


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