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  1. Multiple unclustered hosts

    I have (currently) two unclustered hosts running PVE 2.3-13. Is it possible to manage them both from the same browser window under the same Datacenter heading or do I need to have two separate browser windows open, one for each host? NBD, just curious... Garth
  2. Two Node Cluster

    I just converted two UBS 12.04 KVM hosts to PVE 2.1 with latest patches. All was going well until I created a two-node cluster (no HA configured) and then the NFS shares went inactive on the first node in the cluster. I didn't have to add NFS to the second node. They just showed up there when it...
  3. Coming back to PVE (maybe)

    Greetings, it's been awhile. I currently run two UBS Precise KVM servers with both using a NFS server for stores, including QCOW2 images and various ISO files. Among others, there is a W2k3 VM running virtio drivers for disk and network. I've been reading the wiki about moving from KVM back to...
  4. Add LVM Storage

    I have a new Dell 710 with two RAID stacks. The first is mirrored 300GB spindles that PVE installs on which has the vg name of "pve". The second is a 5TB RAID5 stack split into two 2TB and one 1TB partitions. These three partitions are then grouped with LVM into a single vg of 5TB called...
  5. KVM Limits

    All, I work for a company that develops and sells Windows-based software. I currently run an ESXi v4 box that is a dual quad-core Xeon with 32GB and a few TBs of DAS. It is currently running a collection of Windows Server 2003 and 2008, both 32 and 64 bit, a large number of XP VMs, and a fair...
  6. KVM or OpenVZ

    Is there ever a time when KVM is preferred over OpenVZ when either is an option? Just curious... Garth
  7. Sockets and Cores

    Running 1.5 24 and I see the option to select Sockets and Cores when building a KVM VM. I have a dual Quad Core box so would it be better to select two sockets with one core each or one socket with two cores? This would be for Ubuntu 8.04 server. Thanx, Garth
  8. Create VM in Different Store

    When I try to create a new VM, be it VZ or KVM, I don't see any place in the setup screen that allows me to select the store I wish to use. Have I missed something in the docs and, if so, can you point me in the right direction? Thanx, Garth
  9. Remove migrated locked deleted KVM VM

    Newly built 1.5 18 clustered with older 1.3 box. Migrated Linux KVM and all seemed to go well. VM wouldn't start with locked message in logs. Restarted but no help. Searched forum and wiki but no clear answer. VM was not absolutely necessary so I physically deleted it and rebooted. VM still...
  10. 2 TB Limit

    I just rebuilt my main server with 1.5 18 and tried to add a 2.4 TB LVM datastore. Prob is it states that there is only 2 TB available space. Do I need to ensure that all partitions are less than 2 TB? Also, if I only use KVM should I upgrade to the 32 kernel? Thanx, Garth
  11. Recommended Install

    I've used almost every version of PVE since 1.1 but end up tearing down and reinstalling, usually Ubuntu server and VMWare, thru no fault of PVE. I've decided to quit rebuilding frequently and just leave the box running and I much prefer PVE. Prob is, there are quite a few different versions of...
  12. KVM and Serial Port

    In a previous thread posted some time ago, someone asked about accessing the serial port from a KVM-based VM. The reply indicated that KVM had a bug that made this impossible. Does anyone know whether or not this bug has been fixed in the KVM version used in PVE 1.3? If so, would it be...
  13. ParaVirtualized Network Drivers

    Do these drivers still need to be installed when migrating a Windows VMWare VM to 1.3? More generally, do the instructions in the VMWare to Proxmox VE Howto still apply? Thanx, Garth
  14. Build Cluster with empty Master

    The docs indicate that it is best to start with an empty node with any VMs already in existence hosted on the Master but I want to do just the opposite. I have a server that I am going to build with 1.3 and an existing smaller box with 1.2 that has two KVMs running on it already. I want the...
  15. KVM-only Proxmox version

    All, Dumb Q probably but I always run either the latest Ubuntu or Windows servers which only run on KVM. Any chance of a KVM-only version? Just curious... Garth
  16. Software Upgrades

    Should I regularly do software update/upgrades using apt-get on the host Proxmox software or will that cause probs? Just curious... Thanx, Garth
  17. Linux KVM/Proxmox or Hyper-v

    I do .Net software dev (C#) but also take care of the dev servers at work. We just got in a new Dell 2950 spec'ed out to be a vm host. I set it up initially with ESXi but later discovered that ESXi doesn't support USB since it's based on a really stripped-down version of BusyBox. Not Good. So...
  18. Using VPN (PPTP) from VM

    I set up my first Windows 2003 server and need to be able to connect it to the LAN at work using a VPN. This has worked in the past when using VMWare, hosted both by Linux and Windows, but I am getting blocked during authentication. The response indicates that the GRE protocol required to...
  19. Bonded NICs

    This is NOT specific to VE but I'll ask here anyway. My big server has two onboard NICs and, while it was running various versions of Ubuntu server, I played around with bonding them together, using either tlb or alb, both of which state that they require nothing special from the router/switch...
  20. Proper method to uncluster

    I have two boxes in a cluster and all is working fine. I've migrated VMs in both directions (starting with an empty slave as instructed) and it all just works. Good job. I will soon be upgrading the master with bigger drives so I need to know the correct way to uncluster a cluster back into...


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