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  1. [SOLVED] Changelog for patches always giving 404 Error

    Hello, The last few patches for PVE and PBS have had missing Changelog notes. They always give a 404 error. Is there a URL I can access manually to see what's changed in the latest patches? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Remote sync very slow (0,4 MiB/s)

    How did you discover they were throttling?
  3. Remote sync very slow (0,4 MiB/s)

    Has anything been figured out on this issue? I'm dealing with a similar situation. I'm directly connected with no tunneling and getting around .80MiB/s. The slowest link in this connection is the download speed at the remote site, which is a theoretical 5MiB/s Thanks, Daniel
  4. off site PBS server that gets updates using USB

    I posted the procedure I used to do this here...
  5. [SOLVED] upgraded to 9.7 and now remote sync jobs now fails with owner check failed

    Looking at the /backupPool/pbs/store it still has owner and group set to backup after changing the owner in the GUI. Should I go and manually change those on the file system? Thanks, Daniel
  6. Zpool atime turned off effect on Garbage Collection

    Thanks Hannes. I have turned atime off. But I will turn it back on for BPS.
  7. Zpool atime turned off effect on Garbage Collection

    Hi Hannes, So do I need atime turned on for the datastorage pool? Or do I need it turned on for the original storage that is being backed up? Also, does anyone know what kind of performance hit you get with atime turned on? Thanks, Daniel
  8. [SOLVED] Moved Datastore to remote PBS server via ZFS Pool Split

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know about the method I used to seed the Datastore on a remote Server. Overview of setup 1. Local Server has 2 ZFS Datapools - Data Pool (dpool) and the Backup Pool (bpool) 2. bpool is made up of a mirrored pair of drives. 3. The BPS datastore is on...
  9. Using OpenVPN to connect Local PBS to offsite Remote PBS

    Thanks for the advice. I actually went a different route, limiting access to a specific IP address through the firewall.
  10. Using OpenVPN to connect Local PBS to offsite Remote PBS

    Hi Everyone, I've done a lot of searching on the forum for this answer. But nothing quite matches what I THINK I want to do. Here's my basic setup now Local Proxmox Host with PBS running on Proxmox (NOT as a VM) | Local PfSense Firewall (NOT On Proxmox) | Internet | Remote PfSense...
  11. Zpool atime turned off effect on Garbage Collection

    Hello, I'm reading in the documentation that Garbage Collection uses atime with file touching to not delete any chunks from the last 24 Hours. If the underlying zpool has atime turned off will this be problem for garbage collection? I would imagine this would be a concern for most people as...
  12. PBS Backup Storage Format after Beta?

    I think you are right. Just figured it was worth getting the official word on it. Considering the amount of data we would have to re-backup.
  13. PBS Backup Storage Format after Beta?

    Hello, For our business, right now is a really good time to update our Backup process. We really would like to use PBS. We understand it's in Beta, and we are ok with that. We are concerned how stable the storage format and layout for backups is? In other words, if we use the Beta version of...
  14. off site PBS server that gets updates using USB

    Sure thing. Just to get you started. Read about the split command and the import command in the zpool man page. That explains the basics of what I'm going to do. I'll post again, once I've got this accomplished.
  15. local backup and remote backup in the same zfs pool

    Hello, Here's a scenario I'm wondering if it will work. Off-Site PBS Server running as a VM on Proxmox Has a ZFS Pool used for the PBS Storage On-Site PBS Server running as a VM on Proxmox Can the off-site PBS backup the local Proxmox VM's and the off-site Proxmox VM's to the same ZFS Pool...
  16. off site PBS server that gets updates using USB

    Thanks for the info. I'm already setup with a zfs backup pool on location using pve-zsync. I was actually in the planning stages of doing the pool split for a remote backup using zfs send. So for me the pool split is pretty simple.
  17. off site PBS server that gets updates using USB

    Would it be a good idea to do a PBS backup to a mirrored ZFS pool. Then split the pool, take it to the remote server. Add that split pool to the remote server with zpool import. Then make that the datastore for future remote sync jobs?


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