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  1. Stoiko Ivanov

    ACME Let's Encrypt und DNS bei Selfhost

    Ich würde mal annehmen, dass '/etc/pmg/acme/plugins.cfg' erst angelegt wird, wenn ein plugin (via GUI) konfiguriert wird ...
  2. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] Possible bug in what object rule

    Glad you resolved the issue! You can mark the thread as 'SOLVED' your self (by editing it and selecting the 'SOLVED' prefix) - for the next time - I set this on to 'SOLVED' for you :)
  3. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] Possible bug in what object rule

    That should work (and does work here in my test-setup) - the Tracking Center shows the logs of quarantined mails.… could you please share the logs of such a mail (from /var/log/syslog), your rule-system (`pmgdb dump`) and your pmg config `pmgconfig dump`? (anonymize sensitive information if...
  4. Stoiko Ivanov

    WhiteList Bug

    the journal is the system log written by systemd-journald (on systemd-based OS, like PMG) see: I hope this helps
  5. Stoiko Ivanov

    Cloud-init FreeBSD

    if I read qemu-img(1) correctly that would result in a 5(.00066) Petabyte image - is this your intention? Haven't tried creating such a large qcow2 file myself - but would guess that it could be problematic to not run into issues (at least with the underlying filesystem) - see also the...
  6. Stoiko Ivanov

    Ceph Pacific is out! =)

    Just to keep all readers here also up to date - the current state is explained on the pve-devel mailing-list:
  7. Stoiko Ivanov

    Mail in Quarantäne wird nicht angezeigt

    sollte das nochmal auftreten - wäre das output von: `pmgqm status -timespan week` potentiell hilfreich
  8. Stoiko Ivanov

    Another ...permission denied - invalid PVE ticket (401)

    Is NTP configured correctly on all nodes on your cluster - see - check the output of `timedatectl` (and its manpage `man timedatectl`) I hope this helps!
  9. Stoiko Ivanov

    WhiteList Bug

    this part is intentional - see this is not intentional - could you please share the journal of the system, from a timeframe when you clicked on 'whitelist' on a quarantined mail?
  10. Stoiko Ivanov

    Upgrade to 6.3-6 breaks ZFS auto mount on reboot

    Thanks - the cache file seems like it contains all necessary information.. and the version of libpve-storage-perl should also contain the last improvements in that area could you share the journal since booting (of the instance where the pool was not imported+mounted)?
  11. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] SpamAssassin custom rules (/etc/mail/spamassassin/ are not working

    Nothing should have changed with that upgrade ... please run `spamassassin --lint -D all 2>&1` to see if the file gets read by spamassassin (you should both see '' in the output and probably also some of your rule-names) I hope this helps!
  12. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] PMG behind NAT SPF failed

    seems your gateway is rewriting the source address as well - either you change your gateway/routers configuration - or you disable the SPF check in PMG - I don't see a way to change the SPF check to not use the source-IP
  13. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] PMG behind NAT SPF failed

    Which problems did you run into? if PMG is behind a NAT device it should still see the original IP-address of the sending server and thus be able to do the SPF check...
  14. Stoiko Ivanov

    Knoten Ressourcen (Speicher läuft voll)

    Das spricht für ein Problem mit dem verwendeten Firefox - wie gesagt - Proxmox unterstützt nur relativ moderne Browser
  15. Stoiko Ivanov

    LXC container with Wekan/snapd freezes completely

    There's always a potential for regression - however AFAICS there weren't many updates to that part of our code-base recently - so it would be odd for the issue to reappear now. When did you upgrade the host? if the issue is reproducible it could be helpful to start the container in debug-mode...
  16. Stoiko Ivanov

    Knoten Ressourcen (Speicher läuft voll)

    steht etwas in der java-script console (developer tools öffnen und dann auf das dashboard gehen)? Prinzipiell werden nur relativ neue Browserversionen unterstützt - sprich es kann sein, dass Firefox jetzt zu alt ist (wurden vor kurzem Updates bei PMG eingespielt?)
  17. Stoiko Ivanov

    odd email? sending without Authentication

    The headers show (unless modified) that the mail was received from ( []) with a SMTP-envelope from of - so that would confirm what you're seeing in the tracking center... how did you block mails from entering through...
  18. Stoiko Ivanov

    cifs with dfs broken in pve-kernel-5.4.101-1

    Thanks for reporting the issue and digging into the archives to see what's causing it! For the time being I'd suggest booting an older kernel (or trying the 5.11 based one) - We'll release an updated version once Ubuntu moves to a newer one (their next version should contain the linked fix, but...
  19. Stoiko Ivanov lookup?

    Nichts inhärentes in PMG braucht eine connection zu soweit mir bekannt ist .... Allerdings scheint ein DNS-hosting-unternehmen zu sein - sprich es könnte auch einfach sein, dass das abfragen für eine mail-addresse sind, deren domain schlicht bei liegt...


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