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  1. Storage lost

    Seems you are right. Bu very interesting. I have 2 hosts connected to one UPS. I reviewed situation with power, yes, there was switching to ups for a half a second. the whole machine is working, but only SSDs are felt it... Now i permanently disabled IOMMU in BIOS. will see more time. for few...
  2. Storage lost

    Replace its a bit harder, but i have 3 hosts. There is different power supply units and CPUs (Ryz 7 3900X,Ryz 9 3950X, Ryz 9 5900) and on all of them the same problem. Hosts are not loaded high (avg cpu usage 10%, memory not higher than 60%).
  3. Storage lost

    Trese is no any usb devices. That is a host with only power and network cables connected)))) I tried to disable iommu in bios. Still no effect. The worst thing that i cannot see what causes this.... It works fine, but in some moment it happens. And nothing in logs
  4. Storage lost

    Actually, i do not need IOMMU at all. I'm not using devices passthrough to VMs. i tried to passthough GPU but there is nothing good with this motherboard. so i removed "amd_iommu=on" from grub. also there is nothing connected to usb ports.
  5. Storage lost

    Of course. It was the first that i made
  6. High I/O delay and non-responsive VMs while migrating vm disk to zvol

    I can tell you more))) I'm using Linux not so long (~10years) but i didn't ever seen that some of disks (new hardware) suddenly was lost. I posted in in my separate thread. If interesting
  7. High I/O delay and non-responsive VMs while migrating vm disk to zvol

    My hardware config is very simple. 1NVMe with proxmox installed and 3 SSD in SATA ports. With replication enabled i didn't try. But very interesting thing that neither nmap nor in logs i couldn't see what causes this.
  8. High I/O delay and non-responsive VMs while migrating vm disk to zvol

    Maybe offtopic, but recently i faced the same problem. But all storages are LVM-Thin. For many tries, reviewing logs (there is nothing interesting) i found that if in VM disk "discard" option is enabled - the problem exists. Simply disabling discard in VM which needs to be migrated - all works...
  9. Storage lost

    Actually, no. I have no such option in BIOS. I'm using Asus B450M-Pro
  10. Storage lost

    No. there is very simple host config. NVMe is on M.2, on rest 4 SATA is 1 HDD and 3 SSD. All SSD is new. (on one host Goodram CL100, Crucial MX500; on other 2xAMD Ryzen5 and Sams QVO 870) I found interesting post here, but disablin...
  11. Storage lost

    Hello. Time by time i have a problem that my SSDs have an errors an storage is unaccessible. A few lines from log: And then with all othed SSDs. But NVMe (on which proxmox is installed works fine). After host restart all works fine. Same problem i have on few nodes (on other proxmox...
  12. Cores CPUs Threads

    I mean that E5-2630v4 have 25Mb cache but reported only 16Mb. Also: "args: -cpu " replaces all cpu flags. So consider to use "host" then view "qm config VMID --verbose" and use all cpu flags from there and only then add -hypervisor, +ht (or +svm for AMD) But on AMD processors -smp threads...
  13. Working on

    Working on
  14. Cores CPUs Threads

    Hi. I was seeking for this question for a long time. You can manually set cpu topology, but it consumes resources heavily. as an example for 1x Intel Xeon D-1520 use args: -cpu...
  15. [Tip] fast reboots with kexec

    Hi all. Tried on proxmox 6. after executing systemctl kexec it stops all VMs and seems to reboot as usual. but after "restarting" i can't start\change config at all VMs. conf files are not writable.
  16. [error] clone failed: command '/sbin/lvs --separator : --noheadings ...... got timeout

    I have the same problem. Nothing from above posts are not helps. I found that that issue make palce only when i try to move ".raw" image to lvm. ".raw" disk image was made by restoring backup.
  17. cluster in different networks.

    at all i connected nodes via vpn. multicast traffic is on, but when adding node it shows Establishing API connection with host '' 500 500 Can't connect to what can it be?
  18. cluster in different networks.

    hello. i'm creating cluster with nodes in defferent networks. according to manual my corosync.conf: logging { debug: off to_syslog: yes } nodelist { node { name: 1014 nodeid: 1 quorum_votes: 1 ring0_addr: 1x.2x.2x.1x } node { name: 1117 nodeid: 2...
  19. Attach/detach hdd to vm via API

    thank you a lot. it works great. But now i have a different problem. i'm doing it to make users to do "clean" OS install. OS images i don't want to do unattended. So i need to remove all data in vm image, maybe format it and then start OS install. Tried to use...


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