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  1. Backup problem

    I've a backup that is configured to start each day at 20.00 pm but in a bunch of cases it takes 30 hours... normally 6 Is it possible to inercept a running job and procrastinating the new backup? Even blocking it Tx, Diaolin
  2. [SOLVED] Remote sync (all in my mind, sorry)

    How can i change the time of a remote sync ? I will start it at a precise time if possible, is it? And, is it possible to set a duration? Max time Tx, Diaolin
  3. Proxmox Backup and letsencrypt

    I use proxmox acme for the ssl certificate (letsencrypt) Is ther a method that permits using the same files even with the proxmox-backup on port 8007? (same machine) Tx Diaolin
  4. Proxmox-backup-client

    Is there a way to static compile the client even for windows? Tx
  5. [SOLVED] Remote sync (not resolved, perhaps in the future)

    I have a backup with 20 ct inside and i will sync only 6 containers on the remote pbs I've created a use that can access the locale backup, how can i say to the system to propagate only the 6 containers backup? I there a method to create such a group? Many tx
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox-backup-client

    Just a little question: if i launch proxmox-backup-client command line on a directory and i interrupt the transfer after a while (two hours) what happens? The transferred files remains on the pbs server and are reused at the next launch or should permit the transfer of a first whole backup...
  7. [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Permission (probably my fault)

    I've created a Proxmox Backup Reader that doesn't own backups: correctly it can read all backups correctly it can download backups uncorrectly it cannot download a single file from a ct backup (from the dir icon, not config) Anyone? Tx, Diaolin
  8. [SOLVED] Just a simple question

    Do you have a command for reading the content of a index.json.blob? I know that is visible through interface.... I don't mean "edit" but "read" Tx, Diaolin
  9. [SOLVED] Ulimit... pct

    i have a proxmox cluster with a lot of cpu and memory (non completely used) on node one i have a CT 100 mysql master on node two i have a CT 101 mysql slave when they syncronize/replicate host two has too much open files and another postfix CT becomes unusable for 15 minutes the version is...
  10. [SOLVED] Container names...

    I use PBS and i find it very quick and good and i have anoher question: Is it possible to have container names in the backup interface? I add a screen shot of the actual backups Is it possible to have even the name of the container in addition to it's ID? Many tx. I mean like the...
  11. GLusterfs problem

    I don't know if this is the good place and if not please destroy this thread I have a 3 nodes glusterfs server but when i probe connecting the client i receive immediate disconnection config: gluster volume info Volume Name: volume1 Type: Replicate Volume ID...
  12. Backup error...

    I've a container that has always problem with the backup on pbs pbs version is: proxmox-backup-server 1.0.6-1 running version: 1.0.6 proxmox-ve version: pve-manager/6.3-3/eee5f901 (running kernel: 5.4.65-1-pve) the backup of a container gives always this problem: 122: 2020-12-21 22:42:41...
  13. CLOSED: Lxc strange status

    Hi, in a strange case i've a running container that generates an error while asking pct list can't open '/sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/107/ns/memory.stat' - No such file or directory and despite i cannot list any of other container status in the web interface. If i list each container manually...
  14. proxmox-backup-client failed

    Hi, in many case i've this problem on one of three proxmox nodes, not always but it happens : Error: connection error: Connection reset by peer (os error 104) (500) (see Screenshot) This appears when browsing from proxmox I don't know how to debug this situation. I've other two nodes in...
  15. [SOLVED] CLOSED BUT NON CORRECTED: PBS: permission problem

    I have a pbs server installed and a ProxmoxVE cluster separate. Configured pbs server datastore is mounted over nfs and backup and root could write withouth problem proxmox-backup-manager datastore list ┌─────────┬──────────────┬─────────┐ │ name │ path │ comment...
  16. Proxmox4 shutdown

    It happens many times that a job hangs the shutdown process Any hint? I'm sure that's systemd related but i don't understand why :-( Diaolin
  17. Only a question about network interfaces hint

    Is it possible to add a hint to each node interface like vmbr0 (dmz) vmbr1 (net) vmbr2 (local) just to intercept correctly (when adding a new machine) the correct interface to join machine to??? I know that this is not in the code and i can write it myself... and send the patch, obviously...
  18. Just a simple question

    All machine have a small Notes where i can insert informations about machine itself Is it possible to have sucha a small Notes even on each node???? Tx anyway, DIaolin
  19. Open Vswitch

    Just a simple question: anyone tested openvswitch on Proxmox? Or, better, is it in the future of Proxmox or do you have any other solution for a virtual switch? I'm testing 3.x rc1 and i think it's a good solution (testing on my own lan as stable server) Tx, Diaolin
  20. [SOLVED] VZdump and the infinite exclude-path error

    Found the bug, i hope that Dietmar will be so kind to include the solution. /usr/share/perl5/PVE/API2/ This code says that the exclude-path is ALWAYS read from command-line and despite each line in /etc/vzdump.conf will be skipped # exclude-path list need to be 0 separated my...


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