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  1. tom

    Proxmox VE Licensing & Features

    There is only one license - aGPLv3 and only one feature list. We sell support and services on top. =>
  2. tom

    Inkrementelle Datei basierte Backups mit proxmox-backup-client

    Komplett lesen ja, übertragen werden aber nur die Änderungen. Und ja, dies dauert je nach Lesegeschwindigkeit des Filesystems.
  3. tom

    [SOLVED] Update auf 6.4

    Hier ist ein Proxmox VE repository konfiguriert, daher kommen natürlich auch keine Proxmox Mail Gateway updates.
  4. tom

    Couple of best practice questions for hyperconverged setup

    Thanks for posting here but PLEASE ask simple questions regarding Proxmox VE. Your topic is really interesting but asking so many questions in one thread - most are not related to Proxmox VE - are most times not that useful here and the majority of the Proxmox experts will not answer due to this.
  5. tom

    Proxmox5 und Ceph erweitern um NVMe

    Siehe auch: Aber natürlich brauchst du mindestens 3 nodes mit jeweils mindestens einer NVMe für eine NVMe Ceph Pool.
  6. tom

    Download ISO Proxmox VE 6.2-4

    There is only ONE 6.2 ISO, see But you should never install/run outdated versions, use current packages only.
  7. tom

    Replication between clusters

    See also
  8. tom

    Skip backing up if VM is shut down - feature request / bug?

    No, this is already on our wish list.
  9. tom

    One of the Hyper-v components not running proxmox

    See (Note: you need a Intel CPU for nested Windows)
  10. tom

    Slow Backup/restore Speed on PBS

    See also:
  11. tom

    Can not boot a new created VM with OVMF(UEFI) under PVE 6.3-6

    Post the output of: > pveversion -v > qm config yourVMID
  12. tom

    ZFS Detail (failed 400)

    No worries, a scrub just examines all data in the specified pools to verify that it checksums correctly.
  13. tom

    ZFS Detail (failed 400)

    You just created this ZFS pool? Please run a scrub and the issue should be solved. > zpool scrub store2
  14. tom

    Proxmox Backup on the same server as Proxmox VE

    Yes. But make sure that your backups are not only on one host.
  15. tom

    FTP Verbindung zu Proxmox Container

    ssh und ftp sind schon unterschiedliche Sachen, da solltest dich nochmal schlau machen ...
  16. tom

    Clone VMs in Proxmox Cluster from templates

    if you have a cluster, just use a shared storage or Ceph. Migration of local disk over a network is always a pain by definition.
  17. tom

    Clone VMs in Proxmox Cluster from templates

    Templates and cloning works perfectly for me. Do basic checks in your Proxmox VE node/cluster to find the cause of your problems. If something does not work, you will see clear error messages and log files.
  18. tom

    Support for nuc 11

    You can try a 5.11 kernel, if the kernel is the blocker here. > apt install pve-kernel-5.11
  19. tom

    [SOLVED] Update issue from enterprise repo

    Please solve your issues between your companies. I assume our community is not that interested about your battle. Thread closed.


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