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  1. Dominic

    Main cluster failure, what to do?

    Do you mean the master node of the ha-manager by "main node"? Because generally Proxmox VE clusters are multi-master clusters, where each node can do all management tasks. Maybe the HA simulator would be intersting for you?
  2. Dominic

    Please help, Routed setup... I cannot get it to work !

    Hi, could you maybe post your current configuration files? cat /etc/network/interfaces
  3. Dominic

    Replication between clusters

    Hi, cross cluster features are on the roadmap, but there is no fixed release date yet. Do you mean replication like in the existing storage replication in PVE or in a broader sense? In the latter case, backup & restore might be one way.
  4. Dominic

    cluster problem proxmox 6.0-4

    That can happen when services time out. What is the output of the following commands? pvecm status pvesm status Also, it is recommended to upgraded to the latest version of Proxmox VE.
  5. Dominic

    No internet on VMs after node reboot

    Have you looked into /var/log/syslog already?
  6. Dominic

    Is there a way to check if hardware is available before starting a VM?

    You could try to use a VM or backup hook script for this.
  7. Dominic

    Advice needed for new small cluster install

    Some recommendations can be found in the Administration Guide: Corosync Ceph
  8. Dominic

    Probleme bei der Konfiguration

    Es gibt zusätzlich im GUI einen Dialog um einen Directory Storage zu erstellen: Node -> Disks -> Directory. Falls da steht "no disk unused" muss die SD-Karte wahrscheinlich zuerst komplett gelöscht werden: wipefs -a /dev/... dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/... bs=1M count=200 Da würde ich mir vorerst...
  9. Dominic

    Create VM from existing qcow2 image ?

    You might have to switch BIOS/UEFI or try between IDE, SATA, SCSI for the disk.
  10. Dominic

    Connection failure. Network error or Proxmox VE Service not running?

    Roughly speaking, when some nodes cannot connect to other nodes anymore. You can find some information in the administration guide
  11. Dominic

    New to ProxMox 2 Node Cluster

    Does the boot log mention problems with any services? But you said "I've Setup both with ZFS Raid 10"? Do you want to create an additional pool? What raid controller do you have exactly? Do you have logs for the replication? Is there an error?
  12. Dominic

    Connection failure. Network error or Proxmox VE Service not running?

    It looks to me like this is your problem. What is the status of your cluster? pvecm status
  13. Dominic

    [SOLVED] pve5.4 offline upgrade 6.3

    It might be easier to create backups, do a new installation with PVE 6 ISO and restore the backups as outlined in the upgrade guide
  14. Dominic

    pvestatd died or lock inside cos of nfs storage absense

    Hi, if a storage has problems something like this can happen. You can disable storages: pvesm set <storagename> --disable 1
  15. Dominic

    Access to the web panel was lost

    The journal entries look OK. Please try ssh with multiple -v options, like ssh -vv <destionation> and also to get the Proxmox VE web interface via command line for an exact error curl -k https://localhost:8006
  16. Dominic

    strange behavior of Local storage section while uploading ISO Images via GUI

    It might not help for that specific problem. But generally upgrading to the latest version of Proxmox VE is recommended. To avoid the GUI, you can use a tool like scp to upload your ISO image via command line interface. The path on your PVE host that corresponds to ISO images on your local...
  17. Dominic

    Access to the web panel was lost

    And stuff like ssh? Is there something interesting in journalctl -u pvedaemon journalctl -u pveproxy?
  18. Dominic

    local-lvm strange behaviour on 6.3

    Actually, I don't think that you're missing something. This should be possible according to your screenshot. Could you please execute the following command and copy&paste (using the code function of the forum, there is a button </>) the output of it? qm create 500 --scsi0 local-lvm:5 This will...
  19. Dominic

    apt --fix-broken upt-get update && upgrade

    Hi, I think you're missing the Proxmox VE repository? Could you please post the output of apt update?


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