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  1. Moayad

    6 node cluster showing different version of Proxmox virtual environment GUI even after upgrade

    Please provide us the output of the grep '' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* command:
  2. Moayad

    6 node cluster showing different version of Proxmox virtual environment GUI even after upgrade

    have you compared the repositories for your nodes if are the same? did you reboot after upgrade to 6.3?
  3. Moayad

    Istallation of Proxmox 6.3 on HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10

    Hello Proxmox VE is based on Debian but is using current Ubuntu kernels to have better support for current hardware and access to new features. This means that if you ask vendors about compatibility, it is more accurate to ask about their Ubuntu support. Currently, Proxmox VE is using version...
  4. Moayad

    Update documentation

    Hi, What is the version of your PVE?
  5. Moayad

    problem installing ceph (got timeout 500)

    Hi, Have you a subscription [0] valid? If you don't have a subscription make sure to use the non-subscription [1] in the PVE repository. [0] [1]
  6. Moayad

    [TUTORIAL] Fixing UEFI boot

    Thanks for sharing your experience FYI I made your thread as [TUTORIAL]
  7. Moayad

    [SOLVED] One VM shows wrong memory use

    And should result as the following screenshot check our video as well [0] [0]
  8. Moayad

    [SOLVED] One VM shows wrong memory use

    This command should in the Windows VM run in PowerShell
  9. Moayad

    [SOLVED] One VM shows wrong memory use

    There are no errors during balloon installation? what error did you get? Which version of VirtIO are you using? did you checked our wiki [0] and [1] [0] [1]
  10. Moayad

  11. Moayad

    can't delete partial failed snapshot

    Hi, you can try to edit the VM config and delete the corrupted snapshot. the path of the VM config is: /etc/pve/nodes/<NODE>/qemu-server/<VMID>.conf
  12. Moayad

    Proxmox installation aborts without error message

    May you post or send a screenshot of the error you got during the installation? what kind you hardware that you trying to install PVE on it? However, you still can install Proxmox VE on top of Debian Buster [0] [0]
  13. Moayad

    Proxmox not listening on default port

    is port 8007 open in your server? check it using nmap tool: nmap localhost -p 8007 -Pn -T5 systemctl status proxmox-backup-proxy.service
  14. Moayad

    [SOLVED] strange chars in boot order options

    Are you use a custom font on your system? It's works here without any strange chars I tried (Firefox, Chrom, and Chromium)
  15. Moayad

    Proxmox 6.2 broken cluster

    Any error in syslog during the adding the 3th node? May you post the network config as well
  16. Moayad

    [SOLVED] One VM shows wrong memory use

    did you got any error during the installation of the Balloon or qemu agent? what says the output of the powershell command below? Get-Service QEMU-GA
  17. Moayad

    [SOLVED] One VM shows wrong memory use

    are the Balloon and QEMU running inside the Windows VM? Please post the VM config and the output of the following commands: From Proxmox VE side: pveversion -v From Windows 10 VM: sc qc BalloonService sc qc QEMU-GA
  18. Moayad

    Proxmox IPv6 und Hetzner

    sollte nicht die selbe wie auf enp4s0 sein


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