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  1. [SOLVED] Creating a new container fails, breaks down whole server.

    I'm running proxmox (Latest community) on a Hp micro server gen 8. Every time i create a new CT and start it, I get this error: <root@pam> end task UPID:local1:000079DF:007F34B9:5AC8B6C3:vzstart:103:root@pam: command 'systemctl start pve-container@103' failed: exit code 1 And nothing else in...
  2. LXC Container Restore on ZFS filesystem and GNUSparseFile folder

    And like @giuliolinuz says, removing --sparse is the only thing that helps, disabling ZFS only helps for future written files not the current ones on disk (Already compressed).
  3. LXC Container Restore on ZFS filesystem and GNUSparseFile folder

    I've also got the same issue, I was the one that commented on the bug-tracker. Would be nice if we could get an official Proxmox answer on this issue, It's extremely annoying and present in all of our backups and VM's (Since all of them use special characters in one way or another).
  4. VMs Network speed slowing down

    They initiated a fix even without me having to prove it this time (I did refer to the previous ticket) and they added a MAC address to the router and that fixed the issue.
  5. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Again i have this issue but this time on THE MAIN SERVER IP!!! This is getting so tiresome it's ridiculous!! This time doing an ARP ping does "fix" the download, but it does NOT solve the uplink that is below 20Mbit/s. Maybe it's time to make some noise on Webhostingtalk and other places so...
  6. VMs Network speed slowing down

    I just want to point out that this is only a temporary fix that OVH have applied, if you change the server that the IP range is bound to - the speed will again be slow after 7 minutes.
  7. VMs Network speed slowing down

    This is clearly a router/gateway issue, doing an ARP Cache broadcast towards the OVH Gateway, restores speed again for 7 minutes! Do this on a VM and see for yourselves: arping -c 1 -S VMIP GATEWAYIP EDIT: arping included in iputils is not the same, i had to do apt-get install arping for it to...
  8. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Even doing /etc/init.d/networking restart is enough to reset the speeds for 10 minutes. But yeah, they are simply not listening.
  9. VMs Network speed slowing down

    They said that they cannot test failover IP's, they only test the main host IP - which i've tried to make clear several times now - works just fine.
  10. VMs Network speed slowing down

    They want to do network tests on my production node, would you mind sharing your ticket number so i can save them and us the trouble of doing the same tests again? EDIT: I sent you a PM
  11. VMs Network speed slowing down

    They didn't do anything about it yesterday even though they said so over the phone and no one touched the ticket. This is murdering our business...
  12. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Thanks for confirming it's an issue.
  13. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Are you still having issues? I talked to an OVH rep on the phone, they said they would try to have it resolved later today.
  14. VMs Network speed slowing down

    An official guide doesn't seem to exist for Proxmox 4.x and vRack is a security issue: Since it seems you have to do proxy forwarding of internal traffic to the VLAN, something that leaves you vulnerable to customers changing...
  15. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Fine, I'll try setting up the node on a vRack then and prove that it won't help.
  16. VMs Network speed slowing down

    No one here has mentioned this issue on SBG-2, and i bet that if i setup a server on SBG-2 the exact same way - i will have no issues. We have issues on SBG-1.
  17. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Which Strasbourg datacenter specifically?
  18. VMs Network speed slowing down

    I'm well aware of their vRack guide, but this is not part of the issue (Plus their guides are ancient). This is the official Proxmox guide för OVH and it doesn't require vRack: Or are you saying that the issue don't exist on OVH with vRack and failover IP's? In...
  19. VMs Network speed slowing down

    I think it's because the connection is reseted on the switch that causes it, I've seen high speeds for about 2-3 seconds and then go down FAST. It seems this effect is larger when you reboot the VM (You get the same effect if you reset the network on the VM too). I'm sure it's not Proxmox...
  20. VMs Network speed slowing down

    Good, i guess if OVH doesn't do anything about this - We will just have to change datacenter.


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