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  1. REPOSITORY to test PVE6?

    Hi, I see that most modules are migrated to BUSTER for pve6. Is there a repository to configure, to migrate and do test? Thank's.
  2. Link Howto "French" to deploy cluster PMG

    Bonjour, Pour les Francophones : Thank's for Nicolas. Moula.
  3. PVE 5.4 : Problem with Shell xtermjs

    Hello, I can not use the shell xterjms if my connection it's from outside. problem Just with firefox, no problem with chromium. Thank's.
  4. PVE 5.4 & PMG 5.2

    For francophones, it speaks of the new version here : Thank's.
  5. New 2FA on 5.4

    The new authentication module in 5.4 is top. It's a good vintage. Merci wolf.
  6. PVE5.4 & Problem HA at Reboot.

    VM or CT in HA works well when the node is off. It migrates to another server in the cluster. But as soon as it's reboot and the server never reboots for x-reasons, the VM or CT never restart! Merci.

    The images of my POC with several open-source projects, it just misses the GPUs.
  8. Bug : Cephfs -mgr in ceph 12.2.11

    After the migration of ceph to version 12.2.11, no display cephfs at ceph mgr.
  9. New plugin foreman-proxmox

    Just to announce the arrival of the new foreman-fog-proxmox plugin in the FOREMAN project. Many thanks to Tristan ROBERT. Merci.
  10. Bug Glusterstorage

    * I have 3 nodes proxmox. * Glusterfs-server works in 3 nodes without Iptables * with iptables Glusterfs-server works but just in 2 nodes. with commande i don't see problem with gluster and brick. Some help? Thank's.
  11. Blocking bug to reboot or shutdwon

    The server never reboot and never goes out. with reboot or shutdown command is the same result. look the first image, and after some time always the same. It's with the network card : I tried another card 1G/B , it works. Thank's.
  12. Pb DNS with new version

    I just noticed that the DNS identifiers fade after a while . My Network, it work's well.
  13. Paris Open Source Sumit

    Hi; Why There is not a stand from Proxmove in POSS? I have kept voluntarily. Oh well. Moula From Paris ( Place de la République )
  14. Proxmox4-HA-not-working...Feedback

    I try to use the new HA, but it never work completely.the vm, never migrate to the another host... thank's.
  15. Test : Proxmox4-ceph-network dedicated...

    Hello, I test the CEPH installation on my cluster proxmox 4.0 béta. Installation problem of network dedicated to ceph : root@pve-ceph1:~# ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1f:d0:cd:17:2d UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 RX...
  16. bug? : pve-kernel3.10.0.-7-pve don't boot - e1000e

    My server does not boot with the kernel: pve-kernel- While the 2.6.32 kernel boot fine. The message: e1000e: The NVM is Checksun Not valid. Volume group "PVE" not found with the command: cat / proc / modules . . e1000e 268 333 0 - Live...
  17. Tests kernel 3.10.0-5-pve

    I tested it on 3 different motherboards: 1 - Gigabyte P31-ES3G, INTEL CPU, it works 2 - Asus Z97-2 PRO, INTEL CPU, it works 3 - Asus KGPE-D16 with AMD CPU, it can not bootand i have this message : ERST: Fialed to get Error Log Address Range, Loading, please wait ... e1000e 0000: 03: 00.0...
  18. A new presentation in French at : SUPINFO Merci à eux.
  19. Just a news in french here : Merci.
  20. Tutorial in French

    hi, A little tutorial in French, which will be the first to improve it? Merci à Arnaud.


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